PR Professionals Steps in to Serve the Marginalised and Stranded Migrants


New Delhi, May 23, 2020: Crises create champions, the saying has proved to be true during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Corporate houses, businessmen, government employees and other professionals have come forward to the aid of stranded migrants and the needy. PR Professionals, a communication agency headquartered in Gurugram is striving to help those in need. The organisation has emerged as the champion of poor and needy, and is facilitating food and ration for around 500 migrant labours stranded in and around Gurugram and has come to the aid of hundreds of others across the nation in states like Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand. PR Professionals is providing for the daily needs of these underprivileged workers.

The organisation is working at the grassroots level and working in various ways to help people across the country. In Bihar, it has been at the forefront of raising awareness about the dreaded COVID-19, its precautions, and preventive measures. Its volunteers are using novel ways to tackle the pandemic; they are distributing masks while maintaining the social distancing norms. They are using long sticks to reach out to the men and women in the locality. Another unique thing about this endeavour is that they are distributing coloured masks of different shades. This helps in the identification of the masks and every family member is able to distinguish his mask with the masks of others in the family.

Speaking about the crisis, Sarvesh Tiwari, Managing Director, PR Professionals said, “Times like this test the character of nations and organizations, we must help everyone we can. COVID-19 or for that matter any crisis like this can be thwarted only with the help of collective action. Today, we should not rely only on the government, for society has helped us become what we are and it is time to repay. PR Professionals have been using social media channels to reach out to people in the region and across the country.”

There are numerous incidences where PR Professionals was able to help people with positive intervention. An ashram housing 126 ostracised leprosy patients were benefitted by the organization. PR Professionals sprung to action the moment they were apprised of the problems faced by the residents of the Ashram. The organization’s volunteers went there and provided them with ration and supplies enough to last a month. Similarly, migrant workers stranded in Tamil Nadu sought help when they ran out of supplies, and with the help of its associates, PR Professionals came to their aid. One of the beneficiaries, Sunil Kumar, a migrant worker trapped in Tripur, Tamil Nadu said, “We had nowhere to go and our contractors refused to help. We came to know of Sarvesh Tiwari through some relative, he wasted no time in reaching out to us after hearing our plight. It is for him that we can survive in this unknown city that is more than 2000 kilometres away from our homes.”

“No one knows what lies in the future; we must not shy away from our responsibilities,” added Sarvesh while adopting a young boy who lost both of his parents recently. In these times there are also those who have faced the dual wrath of fate. While the COVID19 crisis had already impacted them economically, a fire in the Bank at Nooniya Toli of the Paharpur region burnt down the houses of 14 underprivileged families. Sarvesh was informed about the incident through one of his volunteers and reached there in no time. He made arrangements for the shelter of the affected and provided them with food supplies.

The organisation has also made efforts to help out the needy not only across the country but of Indians stranded in foreign countries as well. It played a pivotal role in raising the voice of hundreds of Indians stranded in Japan through media advocacy and ensured that their plight is brought to the attention of the government.