Redington Foundation Brings Clean Drinking Water and Renewable Energy to Tribal Communities in Kalvarayan and Jawadhu Hills


Chennai: As a part of its CSR initiative, Redington Foundation, has designed and implemented CSR Projects through DHAN Foundation, to renovate and restore the water bodies, mitigate the risk of climate change through helping rural communities replace fossil fuel with biofuel and sensitize the rural populace on rainwater harvesting.

In Kalvarayan Hills, around 60 percent of families had access to safe drinking water while about 25 -30 percent did not have access to a safe water supply. Under the initiative to restore water bodies, Redington has renovated and restored six village ponds, 28 community wells and constructed six Rainwater Harvesting structures at six schools, benefitting 40 villages across Kalvarayan and Jawadhu Hills in Tamil Nadu. This has resulted in increased water inflow and rising of ground water-table in these villages, facilitating year-round access and availability of water for domestic purpose, livestock consumption and agriculture.

In both Kalvarayan and Jawadhu Hills, though more than 80% of Villages are electrified only 75% of households have electricity connection. As part of its initiative to provide renewable energy solutions, Redington has provided solar kits to 600 tribal families of Kalvarayan hills and Jawadhu Hills, to address the issue of acute power shortage faced by the residents of the area.

At a local event in Vellimalai, attended by 1000+ villagers, Redington Foundation presented the solar kits consisting of a solar panel, LED bulbs and battery, which will be useful as a reliable source of energy and also help to improve their quality of life. Redington Foundation has partnered with DHAN Foundation, to drive such initiatives for social development in the remote villages of Tamil Nadu, with the overall aim to build awareness and encourage the use of renewable energy for mitigating climate change risks.

“At Redington Foundation, we work as catalysts of change to drive social development in the areas of education, health, skill development, environment, empowerment of differently abled and disaster response. Our initiative for the people of Kalvarayan and Jawadhu hills, is a humble effort to make a difference in their lives, by providing them easy access to renewable energy and help them embrace sustainability as a way of life,” said Ramesh Natarajan, CEO, Redington Limited.

Redington has invested around INR 2.00 Crores in this project to enable the tribal populace at Kalvarayan and Jawadhu Hills to access solar-based power and access quality water all around the year for domestic consumption, livestock and agricultural purposes.

Redington Foundation was established with the goal of giving back to the communities in which Redington operates. Its CSR initiatives are focused on areas such as education, health, skill development, environment, empowerment of differently-abled individuals, and disaster response. The foundation’s mission is to promote sustainable development and improve the quality of life for underprivileged individuals and communities.

Redington Limited is committed to playing a role as a catalyst for social development through its CSR initiatives and make technology accessible across socio-economic barriers.