Relaxo Foundation Salutes the Unsung Warriors


New Delhi, July 9, 2020: We have witnessed how sanitation workers have been at the forefront, putting their lives at risk, in ensuring a clean and healthy environment. Acknowledging their selfless service to the society at large, Relaxo Foundation donated 25,000 pair of slippers among North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) sanitation workers who have been battling the COVID-19 pandemic for over 100 days now and counting.

Speaking on the initiative by the Foundation, Ramesh Kumar Dua, President, Relaxo Foundation, said, “Sanitation workers across the country are warriors on the frontlines, whose courage and commitment helps us stay safer. This global pandemic has brought to fore the realisation of their silent, selfless service to the society which we do appreciate and acknowledge.”

He further added, “Due to the nature of their work, it is critical for them to have easy-to-clean and comfortable slippers. We are thankful to North Delhi Municipal Corporation for agreeing to accept our sincere gesture of appreciation and hope this benefit these warriors fighting the virus.”

Responding to the need of the hour, Relaxo Foundation supported AIIMS, Delhi, and other hospitals in Haryana and Uttrakhand, in purchasing medical equipment and also aided Government administration and various charitable organisations in distributing relief materials for migrants and marginalised families.