Sewa International’s Mission Niramayah Provides Aarogya Kits to Indian Soldiers for Their Safety


New Delhi: Continuing its effort to build a Niramayah Bharat beyond COVID-19, Sewa International, a global non-profit, has announced Mission Niramayah’s effort to serve the jawans deployed at the India-Pakistan border. As a part of the initiative that started as a response to the second wave of COVID-19 in India, the organisation provided Aarogya kits to the soldiers to protect them from the deadly virus.

Sewa International launched Mission Niramayah to equip rural India to combat the future waves of COVID-19 and build health resilience among the rural masses. With the support of Parvati Jangid, the organisation provided Aarogya kits to the jawans at the border outposts of the Rajasthan and Gujarat frontier.

The kits include:
1 Thermogun
2 Oximeters
2 PPE gowns
1 Thermometer
10 Masks
1 Information booklet
1 Sanitiser (500 ml)
2 Pairs of gloves  

Beyond COVID-19, the Preraks are trained to use the oximeters and thermometer to support the patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease, pneumonia, allergy, asthma, anaemia, lung and heart-related issues and its implication in the matter.

Additionally, they also served the kits to border guards of all border outposts from Gujarat to Rajasthan. Besides, the Inspector-General of both frontiers, Deputy Inspector-General of all sectors, and the commandants of all battalions were also a part of the campaign.

Sewa International and the BSF personnel worked tirelessly to provide the kits at the border areas, and their hard work paid off. The 9-day journey from March 10 to March 18, began from Bhuj (Gujarat) to Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan) covering more than 2500 kilometres.

Associated with Mission Niramayah, Manoj Madhvan, Managing Director, Boston Scientific, appreciated the efforts by Sewa International and said, “We are now working with the Border Security Force of India. While it will always seem less compared to what they do for us. It is a small gesture for the border guards who sacrifice their lives for the country’s security.”

Shri Shyam Parandeji, General Secretary, Sewa International, said, “We are grateful to BSF for their cooperation, enabling us to reach the soldiers deployed on the Indian borders and fulfil our goal of serving them.”