Siegwerk India Hands Over Restored Pond to Dhaki Village, Rajasthan


Rajasthan: Siegwerk India, one of the leading global providers of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels, restored and handed over a pond at Dhaki village to the villagers, keeping up the commitment to the community around its manufacturing facility at Bhiwadi. The project of restoring the pond and increasing ToF (Trees outside Forest) cover in Dhaki Village of Tijara Block, Alwar, Rajasthan was taken up by the company in partnership with the Centre for CSR & Sustainability Excellence (CCSE) to promote water resource management.

The pond restoration project started when Siegwerk identified a water crisis in the village of Dhaki. During a survey of 185 households, it came to light that, for 93 per cent of the households, tube wells are the chief source of irrigation while 7 per cent of the households irrigate with micro-irrigation, which shows dependence on groundwater that is depleting due to overuse. The effects of the project will increase the recharge capacity of the pond after de-siltation and construction of two new recharge shafts, apart from the removal of silt from an earlier recharge shaft. During the current monsoon, groundwater has improved, and the levels have increased by five feet.

The initiative has improved the greenery around the pond with the plantation of over 500 medicinal plants. Various varieties of fish were introduced into the water to keep it clean and as a source of livelihood for the villagers. The entire area has been beautified with landscaping, benches, and a gazebo for the recreation of the locals. The pond now attracts many migratory birds. 

Speaking about the initiative, Ajit Singh, CFO, Siegwerk India, said, “Siegwerk’s key values include creating a sustainable environment and development for the future. We are happy with the successful partnership with CCSE, who have brought in their expertise and helped us complete the project. We hope to take up more such projects in the future for the betterment of the communities.”

Dr. Soumitro Chakraborty, Chairman, Centre for CSR & Sustainability Excellence (CCSE) emphasised the transformative power of CSR initiatives, he stated, “We believe that true progress is achieved when industry and community come together in a harmonious partnership. Through this project, we have not only revitalised a vital water resource but also nurtured a flourishing ecosystem and empowered local livelihoods. Collaborating with Siegwerk India fills us with pride, and we look forward to embarking on more transformative projects in the future. This endeavour showcases the remarkable results when dedication converges with expertise, cultivating a brighter and greener future for everyone.”