SOIE Joins Hands with Kavach – A Movement to Empower Underprivileged Women


Delhi: SOIE, a leading lingerie brand from Ginza Industries Ltd., in association with Kavach – A Movement the flagship charity initiative of Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust, is proud to announce its continued commitment to raising awareness about menstrual hygiene with the annual distribution of 3000 panties for underprivileged women and girls. The initiative is aimed at facilitating basic hygiene care products.                                    

In addition to its annual commitment, in a recent promotion, SOIE pledged to donate one panty for every purchase made on its website in May, especially during World Menstrual Day, regardless of the order value. This initiative will successfully lead to the donation of an additional 1,000 panties to Kavach – A Movement, on top of their annual donation of over 3,000 panties, over the next three months.

SOIE distributed 3000 panties to underprivileged women and girls in rural areas of Maharashtra with the help of Kavach’s network. The project kicked off last April and ran for a year resulting in supporting and impacting over 3000 women facilitating basic hygiene and menstrual care.

SOIE, in collaboration with Kavach – A Movement, strives to increase the availability of menstrual hygiene products and provide menstrual education, fostering a supportive environment that breaks down stereotypes, superstitions, and stigma associated with menstrual care. This initiative is designed to empower women and girls by fostering behavioural changes and promoting greater awareness and understanding of personal hygiene. It aims to uplift underprivileged girls through sustainable efforts, driving meaningful and lasting impact.

Kavach’s initiatives are aimed at the empowerment of underprivileged girls and women through education and skill development. By providing awareness and correct knowledge to other stakeholders, including parents, school teachers, and staff, Kavach creates a supportive environment for effective menstrual hygiene management and the elimination of menstrual health stigma.

Amrit Sethia, Vice President, SOIE – Ginza Industries Ltd., expressed, “At SOIE, as a responsible brand and employer with 70 per cent women workforce, we believe in using our reach and platform towards making a positive impact in the community. Our collaboration with Kavachis part of our commitment to empowering women and promoting menstrual hygiene. Together, we can break down barriers and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all. SOIE and  Kavach – A Movement are working together to make a tangible difference in the lives of women and girls across India, hence, we will strive to increase our annual commitment with Kavach to 5000 panties by next year.”