SOS Children’s Villages Of India Joins Forces With Teradata India And Otis


otis-employees-with-the-children-from-sos-villages_SOS India – a non-profit, voluntary child care organization has been involved in providing children in distress a ‘home-like’ environment with a loving mother, brothers and sisters, as well as a home and a community.

Teradata, a leading analytics solutions company, is strategically partnering with SOS Children’s Villages India to support all round development of once parentless and abandoned children in SOS Village Alibag, near Mumbai.

Otis India , a part of Otis, the world’s leading manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products, has also supported SOS Children’s Villages of India since 2015, when it donated funds to provide quality education to nearly 1,800 parentless children in 25 SOS Children’s villages spread across India. “Under the UTC Green Shoots programme, we get the opportunity to come together and do something for a larger good,” said Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India

Teradata will support the “Sponsor a Family under Family Based Care Program” which reaches over 6500 girls and boys in 32 children’s villages across India. Each village has 15-20 ‘Family Homes,’ a Family Based Care (FBC) system where each Family Home has 10 children on average and a SOS Mother. Teradata has pledged to support one Family Home in the Alibag SOS Village and under this program, will provide all-around development, including education, nutrition, health and psychological development, until the children are settled either in a career or in marriage. Teradata employees will also support the program through volunteering initiatives across a number of locations.

Sunil Jose, Managing Director, Teradata India, commented: “Children are the cornerstone of any society and their all-round development is key to the success and prosperity of any country. At Teradata we strongly believe that children need to be nurtured as key contributors to our future society. The partnership with SOS Children’s Villages of India is in keeping with this belief and Teradata is privileged to be able to make a contribution to such an honourable cause.”

Applauding the partnership with Teradata, Secretary General of SOS Children’s Villages of India, Ms. Anuja Bansal, also commented: “An initiative like this offers great encouragement to our children and strengthens our resolve towards empowering once parentless and abandoned children and helping them to be able to one day make a valued contribution to the communities they live in. This support will help us to provide all round development for 10 parentless and abandoned children and give them back their childhood and happiness. Our constant endeavour is to provide protection, care and a loving home environment to our children, as well as strive to give a normal childhood and the opportunity to grow up and become successful, contributing members of society. I am confident that through this partnership with Teradata we will continue to grow our programme from strength to strength.”

Otis India President, Sebi Joseph, also said, “We believe everyone emerges a winner from engaging in such a programme. It is a great feeling for us, knowing that we at Otis are supporting the future generation.”

“We were very delighted to have volunteers from Otis visiting us,” said Ms. Anuja Bansal, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages of India. “We appreciate the time and effort employees put into visiting our Villages and curating programs that help develop a bond with the children. It strengthens our resolve toward improving lives of the children under our care. This support gives us a big push towards empowering the SOS Children with quality education.”