Spark Minda Foundation and Rotary Club Installs a Reverse Vending Machine in Delhi High Court


New Delhi, April 16, 2019: Spark Minda Foundation (SMF) in collaboration with Rotary Cub, Panchshila Park, Delhi, has set a milestone in societal development by installing a unique waste recycling machine in Delhi High Court. The installation is part of Spark Minda Foundation’s CSR initiative to curb plastic pollution in the city and promote sustainable development. A reverse vending machine has been installed near the Hon’ble Justice’s office where anyone can drop in the plastic bottle, and in turn, the machine will reward the disposer with one rupee or cash coupon for each bottle.

Hon’ble GS Sistani, Justice, High Court Delhi, inaugurated the vending machine in the presence of MK Pajan, Advisor SMF, and AP Gandhi, Director, Minda Corporation Limited. This one of its kind vending machine is capable of disposing and recycling plastic bottles, aluminum, or steel cans.    

Spark Minda Foundation has been enthusiastically participating in one of the most innovative ways of community upgradation and transformation. Installing of such vending machines will give direct access to everyone within the vicinity to dispose plastic waste in the most innovative way. This is one of the first machines being installed by Spark Minda Foundation in Delhi High Court. Moreover, the Foundation is planning to put up some more such machines in future at different places.

Rotary Foundation/Club has been solving some of the crucial societal issues for more than 110 years now. The Group has been taking much needed action against the most persistent issues like fighting diseases, providing clean water and support education and hygiene. Setting up of waste disposable machines in the High Court is a collaborative step ahead for both organisations to promote sustainability.

Speaking about the initiative, Sarika Minda, Chairperson, Spark Minda Foundation says, “This is for the first time that our Group has collaborated with one of the most respectable administrative bodies. As a Group, we have always considered societal development as one of the most integral and intrinsic part of our existence. We are very much delighted that Rotary Club – Panchshila Park, has come forward to help in such a unique way of developing society at large. We are hopeful that our initiative will bring in a sense of responsibility amongst citizens to keep their surroundings clean and support the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.”

Vinay Bhatia, District Governor, Rotary India/Foundation says, “We are quite overwhelmed to see societal changes which Spark Minda Foundation has bought till date. It is our privilege to associate with the Group for such mutual efforts, like placing a waste vending machine in the High Court. Rotary Club, Panchshila Park, Delhi, has always been supportive and upbeat for promoting smart changes in society. We are hopeful to bring many more such changes in the coming days.”