Spirit Of The Tribe Gives Small and Marginal Income Farmers an Opportunity to Flourish in the Open Market


National, February 3, 2021: Anchored to the purpose of creating sustainable market linkages for rural communities, Spirit Of The Tribe is inspired by the natural wisdom and simple living of rural and tribal communities. It brings authentic and pure produce and products to urban homes.

Spirit Of The Tribe by Ncourage Social Enterprise Foundation aims to give small and marginal income farmers an opportunity to flourish in the open market dynamics and earn a fair price for their produce by making them a part of a modern and urban brand.

All products have been harvested by local tribes in the deep forests of Meghalaya, Odisha and Maharashtra, using age-old traditions exclusive to their region, packed in a hygienic environment with love and care. Aromas of these natural ingredients can be experienced the moment you open these bottles and use these products in your daily life. 

Lakadong Turmeric: The Lakadong Turmeric is organically grown in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya and is said to be one of the best turmeric variants. It has a high concentration of the miracle compound – Curcumin 5 per cent+ which helps in boosting immunity and one that can be used in most Indian dishes, smoothies, immunity drinks.  

Simpal Honey: This raw forest honey is collected from the captivating forests of Simlipal in Odisha which is prepared by the Baguha Madhumachi (Rock Honey Bee) that makes hives in the edges of the rocky hills that are found in this region. Made from the nectar of wild orchid flowers and linseed flowers, it is 100 per cent pure, natural, raw, unprocessed and aims to promote good health.  

Waigaon Turmeric: A spice from the western peninsular of India, this turmeric is organically grown in the Waigaon district of Maharashtra and is said to be one of the best variants, possessing a dark colour and an earthy aroma. It has a high concentration of the miracle compound Curcumin 5 per cent+ which is known to boost immunity.

Various authentic, organic products from across the country are promoted by Spirit Of The Tribe. SOTT is anchored to the purpose of livelihood creation and empowerment of rural lives through market linkage. It acts as a balance by providing marginal farmers and tribes fair growth opportunities as they produce wholesome, pure, authentic products from the hinterlands of India. These farmers hold the earnestness and wisdom of their forefathers and tribal communities in nurturing, growing and producing these products that benefit many beyond their own geographical locations.