Srinivasan Services Trust (SST): Investing in Education Infrastructure and Improving Learning Outcomes


Bengaluru: In the pursuit of holistic education, Srinivasan Services Trust (SST), the social arm of TVS Motor Company and Sundaram Clayton Ltd., has been a beacon of change, touching the lives of thousands in 2,500 villages. With a focus on early education, primary education, and hygiene in middle and higher secondary schools, SST’s initiatives have left an indelible mark.

SST has repaired about 1000 Anganwadis and over 800 schools to provide a safe and congenial environment for children and teachers. SST works very closely with the government and community and renovates Anganwadis and schools holistically. SST focuses on the community’s ownership of renovated infrastructure and involvement in successfully delivering the outcomes. Additionally, SST facilitates conducting medical camps for children in Anganwadis and schools.

Sharing his views, Swaran Singh IAS (R), Chairman, Srinivasan Services Trust, “As we celebrate National Education Day, I am proud to reflect on the transformative journey of Srinivasan Services Trust (SST) in Tamil Nadu. Over the past 27 years, SST has dedicated Rs.13 Crores to renovating more than 400 primary schools, ensuring a conducive environment for learning. In the last two years, our focus has shifted towards holistic development, with 100 schools receiving comprehensive renovations. The hygiene facilities in high schools specifically for the girl child are of special focus for SST. Last few years we have provided these facilities in more than 260 schools investing Rs. 12 Crores. Through the Namma School Foundation, SST will be investing Rs. 20 Crores in education for the next three years. The engagement of teachers, children, parents, and the community is pivotal in maintaining these upgraded facilities. In remote areas of JavadhuHills, SST is complementing the efforts of the government by deploying additional teachers wherever required. SST is committed to creating model schools in each of the districts it works in. SST extends its commitment beyond infrastructure, conducting over 200 medical camps, benefitting over 6,000 children, emphasising health and hygiene.”

In the past two years, SST has partnered with several organisations like Agastya International Foundation, Villmart, Navsahyog Foundation and Gramalaya possessing extensive expertise and innovative approaches to enhance children’s learning outcomes, help develop life skills and promote health and hygiene. Looking ahead, SST has allocated Rs. 1 Crore per year for the next three years to further advance educational partnerships.