Sunaayy Foundation Expands its Wings to Kolkata – the City of Joy


New Delhi, February 5, 2020: With the encouragement from many, Delhi-based Sunaayy Foundation has started a volunteer-run initiative in Rashbehari, Kolkata. The bridge provided the necessary resources to start and conduct the centre at its maximum potential. Based on the philosophy of providing basic education and life skills – generating capabilities for social asset creation, the centre handholds forty street children who are bereft of basic necessities. The activity-based curriculum not only focuses on academic learning but stresses on developing self-confidence and discipline. Further, a recreational trip was conducted to establish their bond with nature.

“Happy to spread our wings of inclusive learning to foster the sense of personal social responsibility in the City of Joy,” said Richa Prasant, Founder of Sunaayy Foundation.

“The walls that restrict the flow of benevolence, rights and opportunities have always been a matter of claustrophobia for me.” Witnessing many paradigm shifts in the society at the age of 50, Taposhi Das believes that certain pre-historic barriers in the name of caste, creed and class still exist in the otherwise modern existence that stops us from carrying out voluntary activities that are necessary for the upliftment and growth of our society.

While looking out for an opportunity to break away from many such walls, Taposhi Das met the likes of Richa Prasant, and Prof. Anirban Chakrabarti, who have dedicated their lives to the education of the underprivileged; running a four hundred strong free-tuition makeshift learning centre in New Delhi under the banner – Sunaayy Foundation – for the last ten years.

“By giving these children a chance to pursue their dreams, or, to open a door to the new world, we are not doing any favour to them. It is rather our duty to raise our future generation in such a way that they can live in a world which is free from all boundaries, discriminations and social barriers. Let there be an awakening of all and sundry,” said Suchismita Ghosh (CA), Executive Member, Sunaayy Foundation.

More bridges were formed as several volunteers joined hands, improving the student-teacher ratio to 5:1. Partha Mukherjee, Srabani Das, Pradip Roy, Chandra Sengupta and others gave a considerable portion of their time towards managing and running the centre. Kallol Basu, Senior Advocate, High Court Kolkata, and officials from the Kolkata Police, provided immense support in enabling the centre. With the centre about to complete a full year this May, we have elaborate plans for deepening social and economic impact that would require more bridges to be connected and many walls to be demolished.