Tata AIA Life Insurance’s ‘BachhpanKaRakshakaran’ Offers Football Coaching to Underprivileged Girls


Mumbai, March 4, 2020: Tata AIA Life Insurance, through its unique initiative ‘BachhpankaRakshakaran’, in association with Oscar Foundation, aims to infuse interest in education for the under-privileged girls, using football coaching as a medium. This, in turn, is expected to counter issues like school dropouts, child labour, child marriage, drug abuse and vulnerability to petty crime and makes Tata AIA Life their Rakshakarta.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, Tata AIA Life Insurance invited AIA Hotspurs celebrity coach, Anton Blackwood, to train a team of 35 under-privileged girls, aged 12-16 years, belonging to the Oscar Foundation. The coaching was also offered to 22 trainers and young leaders from the MMRDA region.

The full-day coaching session was organised at Astra Turf, WIFA, Cooperage, Colaba in Mumbai.

Speaking on the occasion, Rishi Srivastava, MD & CEO, Tata AIA Life Insurance, said, “Being part of the Tata Group, our work is guided by the purpose of serving society through greater protection. The girls who have been trained today are future leaders. We are privileged to contribute to protecting their future by making a positive impact in their formative years. Through BachhpankaRakshakaran, Tata AIA brings access to Premier League level coaching – the best in the world – for the benefit of the young leaders of the OSCAR Foundation. We are thankful to AIA Group and Tottenham Hotspur F.C., a top-notch English Professional Football Club, committed to player development, for assigning one of their best coaches – Anton Blackwood – to conduct the camp.”

The coaching event held at Cooperage, Colaba, saw underprivileged girls enjoying the session, learning new techniques of Passing, Movement and shooting (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Women’s Specifics). This coaching is aimed at preparing young women football force of India, not only for professional matches and tournaments, but to impart a general sense of team spirit, and learning how to accept wins, defeats and failures alike and be successful, happy and healthy in life.

Through the programme, a global partnership with Tottenham Hotspur, the company offers access to Premier League level coaching, the best available in the world. Girls could learn what it takes to become a footballer, the basic skills required together with an overview of how to live a healthier life. The coaching will help with life skill sessions, remedial education to strengthen the basic subjects taught in school through extra classes and help them in being proficient in reading and writing.

Anton Blackwood is an International Spurs Football Development Coach, which is in partnership with AIA Group, one of the parent companies of Tata AIA. Anton is a former Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (THFC) footballer. He has acquired UEFA ‘B’ License and is an MSc in strength and conditioning. Mr. Blackwood is also a former Antigua international player. He is also an international coach for THFC. He is the coach for THFC Ladies’ Strength and Conditioning and is the current International Development Coach.