Tata Capital Launches Community-Driven CSR initiatives to Rehabilitate Rural Clusters in Three States


Mumbai: Tata Capital, the flagship financial services company of the Tata Group has undertaken a series of professional development projects in rural Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand. The objective of the project is to rehabilitate and provide employment opportunities across communities in the three States.

Under its CSR initiatives, Tata Capital’s projects are i) The Green Switch Project and ii) The Jal Adhaar Project.

  • The Green Switch project focuses on climate change sustainability, health, skill development, education and entrepreneurship.
  • The Jal Adhaar project is aimed at exclusively providing clean and potable water resources to the local communities. The project promotes technological integration and community participation.

Both these projects are currently active in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand with plans to expand it further in the coming years.

Speaking about Tata Capital’s CSR initiatives, Sridhar Sarathy – SVP, CSR, Tata Capital said, “Tata Capital is committed to transforming the underprivileged in a way that it impacts local communities and their ecosystem. Our collaborative approach in working with NGOs and leveraging technology has played an important role in empowering people to learn new skills to create a healthy and sustainable environment for the future. We will continue to drive our efforts in making a meaningful difference to lives and livelihoods as we expand our CSR projects across India.”

Since 2017, The Green Switch Project has impacted:

  • 27 hamlets
  • 5000 households
  • 10000+ people
  • 205 kWp installed capacity
  • Two States and four districts in (Maharashtra and Jharkhand)

Over the last four years since these projects have been deployed, 80 per cent of these communities belonged to affirmative action groups. Tata Capital’s NGO partners are BAIF Institute of Sustainable Livelihood Development (BISLD), National Agro Foundation, Keshav Shrushti, Sevavardhini and Gram Oorja.