Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023 Raises INR 40.68 Cr for Philanthropic Causes; INR 357.12 Crores Raised Since Inception


Mumbai: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller.

Seldom have these words found a better expression than at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023. Asia’s most prestigious distance running event has raised INR 40.68 Crores for social good this year.

The philanthropy pillar, led by United Way Mumbai, has made the Tata Mumbai Marathon India’s largest sporting platform for philanthropy and a silver lining for the social sector. Year after year it continues to inspire, as a showcase of what makes each one of us better. Since its inception, the Tata Mumbai Marathon has now raised over INR 357.12 Crores, directly benefitting 700+ NGOs for a multitude of causes, echoing the spirit – #HarDilMumbai.

Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bais, said, “I have heard and read about Tata Mumbai Marathon but never knew the great social causes associated with it. In just 20 years, Tata Mumbai Marathon has become the most loved marathon in India and the pride of Maharashtra. The whole of Mumbai came together to welcome Tata Mumbai Marathon after a gap of three years due to the pandemic. I am pleased to know that in 2023, Tata Mumbai Marathon raised funds for causes such as Women Empowerment, Health, Education, Animal Welfare, and Environment, among others and raised INR 40.68 Crores. Through the philanthropy award, Tata Mumbai Marathon has ignited hopes in the lesser privileged people and that is why they believe in #HarDilMumbai.”

“We have always been committed to supporting our community and working for the greater good. Our association with the Tata Mumbai Marathon gives us a wonderful opportunity to encourage individuals to come together and help various philanthropic causes. It is indeed heart-warming to witness citizens open their hearts and lend a helping hand to those in need. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to all the heroes of change who successfully raised funds for various charitable organisations to make a significant impact on society with their participation,” said Harish Bhat, Brand Custodian, Tata Sons Pvt. Ltd.

This year, 252 NGOs, 177 Corporates, 1,000 fundraisers, 17,000+ donors and 10,000+ runners showcased their commitment to support causes such as Healthcare, Education, Animal Welfare & Environment, Women Empowerment, Livelihood, Social, Civic & Community Development, among others.

“At TCS, giving back to society is a fundamental part of who we are and what we stand for, and our enduring partnership with the Tata Mumbai Marathon, a platform that brings the community together and raises awareness for a variety of philanthropic causes, is a testament to our shared commitment towards creating a positive social impact in the world. By shining a light on and addressing some of the most critical issues in our society, we hope to truly make a difference in the world. The amount raised this year will go towards causes such as healthcare, education, and women empowerment, among many others, and contribute to creating a healthier, more sustainable and equitable future. We are extremely proud of the impact we have created so far and look forward to continuing to inspire positive action and strive to make a real difference through our association with the Marathon,” said Ujjwal Mathur – SVP & Country Head – India Business, TCS.

“Marathons have become popular over the years, as a celebration of the city. IDFC FIRST Bank’s association with the TATA Mumbai Marathon speaks to one of the Bank’s core pillars – Social Good. Marathons bring people and NGOs onto a common platform, thereby impacting the lives of people positively. IDFC FIRST Bank has partnered with programs across education, health & sanitisation and entrepreneurship & livelihood. With Runners’ Pledge, IDFC FIRST Bank aims to enable runners to support a cause dear to them. The Bank’s theme for the marathon, #JourneyToTheStart, inspired people to start their fitness, financial and philanthropic journeys. The larger association with a participative sport like the marathon represents the Bank’s commitment to inclusion across all levels,” said Madhivanan Balakrishnan, COO, IDFC FIRST Bank.

Cause Neutrality, Transparency, Accountability & Sustainability are the principles of the Tata Mumbai Marathon philanthropy pillar. With the sustained efforts of United Way Mumbai, the pillar has paved the way to a more organised method of giving; to not-for-profits across the Indian landscape. With sustainability being the keystone, we have seen more corporate houses investing in social good through these charities year after year.

Furthermore, Tata Mumbai Marathon presents an opportunity for companies to seamlessly drive employee engagement in their CSR objectives through participation and fundraising.

“The 2023 edition of the TMM was particularly special. The event was taking place after a gap of three years. Since the last edition in 2020, our communities have faced severe hardship as they coped with the pandemic, lockdowns, and the many challenges that followed. Throughout this period, NGOs were at the frontlines, responding in every way possible. Tata Mumbai Marathon opened its platform to these organisations, even while the event could not take place. A Special Covid Fundraiser was created, and 157 NGOs participated. The funds they raised were used for immediate relief and to fight the mid and long-term impact of the pandemic.

Seeing the fundraising community come together during this time of uncertainty and ambiguity in the event itself was heartening.

Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023 philanthropy campaign and the Special Covid Fundraiser have raised a phenomenal INR 40.68 Crores for charity,” said George Aikara, Chief Executive Officer, United Way Mumbai.

 2023 in Focus

  •  177 companies fielded 278 teams in support of 87 NGOs and raised an astonishing amount of INR 095 crore
  • The highest and first-time fundraiser, the father-daughter duo Gagan and Navya Banga, raised INR 13 Crores from 112 donors.
  • The 2nd highest fundraiser – Sadashiv Rao, raised INR 1.12 Crore from 217 donors, is a veteran fundraiser at the TMM and has been raising funds since This year he has become the highest fundraising individual over the years with a record- breaking cumulative total of INR 5.88 Crore.
  • 4 individuals have raised INR 1 Crore and above; among which three of them are first-time
  • 3 individuals have raised above INR 50 Lakhs; one of whom is a first-time
  • 978 individuals collectively raised INR 31 Crores.

Commenting on this year’s achievement, Vivek Singh, Jt. MD, Procam International, added, “Sport is at its best when it helps transform the lives of all its touches, which is the legacy of the Tata Mumbai Marathon. The consolidated efforts of our NGOs, fundraisers, and corporates have made this event the largest sporting platform for philanthropy, and for this, we express our sincere gratitude. Kudos to our philanthropy partner United Way Mumbai, yet again for mobilising the community and the sector to raise over ₹40.68 Crores”.

He further added, “The success of the 2023 edition is special in more ways than one. The event stamped the resurgence and importance of participative sport in India, with a bigger and better edition. And this has been possible only with the support from our sponsors, partners, Govt. authorities and the running community.”