The Acres Foundation Donates Hospital Equipment to Guru Nanak Hospital


Mumbai: The Acres Foundation, which is behind the highly acclaimed and award-winning The Green Acres Academy and Seven Rivers International School has hosted a donation drive where they provided hospital equipment to Guru Nanak Hospital. The event was hosted at Guru Nanak Hospital where Shri Manoj Kotak, MP from Mumbai North East inaugurated the event and presented the hospital with all the equipment. The event was also attended by various board members from The Acres Foundation, including Neela Parikh, Director of Acres Foundation.

Owing to the pandemic, Acres Foundation has launched an initiative called Acres Cares whose pure purpose is to support the general public with medical facilities through COVID Care Centres. As the Guru Nanak Hospital was in need of essential hospital equipment, Acres Cares was able to make this donation in order to help the hospital serve more COVID patients in an uninterrupted and efficient manner.

The list of equipment that was handed over to the Convenor of Guru Nanak Hospital Trust, S. Bhupinder Singh Manhas – 3 Maquet Ventilators, 50 Syringe Pumps, 6 Semi-Motorised Beds, 6 Fully-Motorised Beds, 6 Mattresses for Fully-Motorised Beds, and 6 Mattresses for Semi-Motorised Beds.

The total value of the equipment is Rs 6,397,567. With this donation, the hospital will look towards servicing more patients efficiently and helping them get better. Speaking about the occasion, Rohan Parikh, Director, The Acres Foundation said, “We are an organisation that believes in giving back to society. This initiative is our humble effort of helping the hospital and its patients. We plan to make more contributions and address the major pain points where we can be of service.” Adding on to what Mr Parikh mentioned, Mr Manhas said, “On behalf of the entire hospital, I would like to thank Hon. Mr Manojbhai Kotak, Member of Parliament, for getting donations of ventilators and other lifesaving equipment through The Acres Foundation for the hospital.”

Earlier, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Acres Foundation, through its Green Acres Green Cross initiative, raised over Rs 45,00,000, all of which was donated. 120 PPE kits, over 50,000 cooked food packets, and over 5000 grocery kits were distributed to help those in need during the lockdown.