The Baker’s Dozen Celebrates Christmas with Special Kids


Mumbai: Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to love, give, and celebrate. One of the main reasons why Christmas is a time for giving is to remind us of the story of Christ, his love, and his teachings of humanity. Over time, this concept has evolved into the Christmas gifting tradition. Kris Kringle, Santa Claus – he goes by various names around the world. In Italy, it is an old woman who delivers the gifts, while Spain believes it is the Wise Men themselves. There is no right answer of course and they all bring gifts or treats. The essence of it all is to give and spread joy.

So, this Christmas, India’s leading artisanal bakery – The Baker’s Dozen (TBD) – joined hands with special schools across the nation and became the Secret Santa amongst differently abled children to spread love and cheer. As part of this initiative, TBD curated fun, engaging activities with the students of the following schools – Asha Kiran Academy, Bangalore; SPJ Sadhana, Mumbai; Brahma Shakti, Delhi, and Asha for Autism, Bangalore. The goal was to make the students happier with fun and engaging activities during the festive season. The brand also presented its most scrumptious treats – Dark Chocolate Cookies for the children to feast on.

Commenting on the CSR initiative, Aditi Handa of Co-Founder, and Head Chef of The Baker’s Dozen, expressed, “Creating a strong business and simultaneously contributing to the well-being of the society are the essential ingredients for long-term success. To give our best for others means moving away from a ‘me-first’ mindset and focusing on spreading cheers amongst those around you. It is truly worth creating a space where we value people first, and become a community that cares. Besides, it’s always special to celebrate any festival with kids as they are the truest form of love and joy. Our aim with this activity was to spread the festive spirit and make the children happier. This year has been a very special year for us in terms of growth and we have been looking forward to giving back to society in whatever way we could. This had been on our bucket list for a while and what better time than Christmas to offer a little love and express our heartfelt gratitude.”

“We, as a brand, have ensured to implement unique marketing initiatives during Christmas, but this is for the first time that we are doing a CSR activity around the year-end, and it has been one of the most special activities of our entire entrepreneurial journey. The team also felt humbled by the love and joy shared and felt by the children! We look forward to contributing to such initiatives and making children happy, as that makes us happy,” she further added.