Indi.Com Aims To Spread Awareness On Girls’ Education In Partnership With A Former Monk


Spearheading the cause of women empowerment via education, the latest challenge at endeavours to initiate a conversation and spread awareness on the subject matter. Filmmaker and former monk, Ravinol Chambers, aims to explore what people from different strata of society think about girls’ education.

Founded in 2012 by Indian actor Anil Kapoor, is a prominent global video platform based out of Southern California enabling both individuals and brands to create and monetize content, whilst integrating multiple social networks. Indi registered its presence in India in April 2016. With a view to revolutionize the present day digital media ecosystem, Indi is the platform of choice for brands seeking innovative ways for securing meaningful and interactive social media engagement.

Indian film actor and philanthropist, Vivek Oberoi has voiced support to the initiative. He further joined Chambers in the introductory video released at, extending the challenge to the general public. He further added, “I support Ravinol Chambers Street Philosophy since their present initiative is meant to aid empowerment and education of the girl child. I urge everyone to spread the word about the challenge and contribute towards creating awareness on girl education.”

Covering a distance of 1800 kms in an autorickshaw, Chambers is initiating conversation on girls’ education, which would be featured in his documentary. As part of the challenge on, Chambers asked views on the following two questions:

“What is the value of educating girls in India today?”

“Do you think girls are equal to boys?”

Commenting on hosting the challenge, Shikha Uberoi, Co-founder, India said, “Bringing this challenge live on has been a proud endeavour for us since we firmly believe in the power of education to empower girls. This challenge showcases how Indi serves as an impact platform and can create major buzz and virality around social change. We believe in total equality, especially amongst genders. We are so happy to enable Ravinol Chambers as he embarks upon a journey of a lifetime from Mumbai to Kanyakumari in a rickshaw. We urge our users to support the cause, spread awareness by uploading their response videos and also sharing the word on their social media platforms.”

Sharing his enthusiasm, Ravinol Chambers said, “I am so happy that a platform like exists and is supporting the cause of girl education and helping me reach out to a majority of people I could have never reached before. I am enthusiastic to meet people all the way from Mumbai to Kanyakumari and learn more about their thoughts and perceptions around the matter of girl education. I hope users will connect and support me in the initiative, reverting with their answers to my questions and sharing the same on their social networks.”

In order to participate, users can upload their answers to the aforementioned questions in a video format on The platform would then measure the social media buzz created by each of these videos, provide cash prices and goodies in return. First three winners will take home cash prizes worth INR 6000, 3000 and 1500, along with a free “Be Inspired” shirt.