Vedantu’s Child Safety Policy Protects Students During Online Learning


India, December 31, 2020: Vedantu, the pioneer in LIVE online learning, has become the first and only EdTech player in India to make online learning completely safe and secure for 100K daily active students studying from home. This milestone has been achieved in collaboration with Space2Grow, a niche social impact consulting firm that specialises in child protection. The vision of this collaboration is to create robust prevention and redressal mechanism across all the online and offline touchpoints, making online education safe for every child.

With the#ChildSafetyFirst initiative in place, Vedantu’s internal team will constantly monitor, control texts, pictures, and recordings so that students can experience safe, LIVE online learning. Vedantu is the only EdTech brand that offers a one-to-many LIVE learning model on its W.A.V.E platform, where one Master Teacher can interact with up to 500 students in a single session. The Child Safety initiative will ensure that every session comprising of multiple learners is safe and secure with no unsolicited interruptions.

Announcing the policy, Pulkit Jain, Co-founder & Product Head, Vedantu, said, “We have been two steps ahead in bringing interactivity and engagement to LIVE online learning for students across India. As a responsible and socially conscious brand, the safety of our learners and teachers is paramount and we are looking at setting new benchmarks for the industry. Our partnership with Space2Grow will help us continue to chart that course by ensuring that we have the right expertise and execution capability when it comes to the critical area of child safety. Our highly competent Child Safety Team comprising of legal experts and counsellors will closely work with the leadership team and Space2Grow team to uphold the safety of our learners and teachers at all times.”

Describing the initiative and the partnership, Chitra Iyer, Founder Space2Grow said, “India has 1 in 3 children using the internet. The EdTech space currently caters to 90 million children – and with the pandemic, their online presence has exploded. More than we realize, both the vulnerability and safety of children who are consuming online content is an immediate reality to contend with. As a market leader, Vedantu can positively impact this area – and pioneer Child Safety as a mandate for the entire industry. We are very happy to partner with Vedantu on a journey to make online safety a fundamental right of every child.”

With student focus at its core, Vedantu underscores the importance of safety and security of learners while adapting to the environment of online education.  Driven by the vision to create the best cohort in LIVE, online education, Vedantu is creating the highest safety standards for students and teachers. To ensure a 100 per cent secure and healthy learning environment, Vedantu has introduced a set of strict ZERO Tolerance Policy, which every staff at Vedantu, students, their parents or guardians, the educators and any concerned vendors will need to adhere to during and beyond class hours.

List of conduct prohibited in Vedantu’s LIVE Sessions are as below:

  • Disrupt the orderly conduct of classes in the form of action, speech, or any other form
  • Using loud or offensive language or displaying temper during class hours
  • Sending abusive messages or threats to any student/ others concerned within the Vedantu community, through any medium (including Social Media)
  • Defamatory, offensive, or derogatory comments, pictures, videos regarding Vedantu or any of the pupils/parents/staff/governors at the Vedantu platform or on Facebook or other public/social sites
  • Intimidating, harassing, or discriminating any person based on their race, colour, creed, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability in the form of action, speech or any other form
  • Use of physical, verbal, or written aggression towards another adult or child