Why Supporting The Education Of The Underprivileged Is Not Philanthropy; It’s Personal


Education is nothing but a people building exercise for the society of tomorrow. So, if the common denominator of education imparted today is not good enough, the society of tomorrow will reflect this rot.

Unfortunately, the ills of poor and deteriorating education, though far-reaching and all encompassing, are more intellectual than real. The situation, somehow lacks the urgency in terms of people realising the disease and disaster it will invoke. There is a smug sense of achievement among us when we know that we are able to provide privileged, exclusive education to our own children. Wider the gap between the kind of education we are able to provide our kids and that which is available for the masses, bigger is this sense of achievement.

Which is the reason why, even though research shows that education is the most popular charitable cause with donors across all age groups, we the educated, intelligent people from the higher strata of society do not show any alacrity and participation in reducing this education divide.

The fundamental point we are missing is that the vast education divide is the root cause of all socio-economic ills against which we want to shield our children in the first place.

We do not realise that our kids are going to live their lives in a society born out of this vastly divided and skewed academic milieu. Even if we ensure the best of education for them today, thus giving them a solid differentiator, it will not help if the social fabric itself is tattered. They will have money, but no security. They will have position, but no voice. They will have amenities, but no health. They will have privileges, but no freedom.

Is this a life we want to bequeath our children?

If not, we must understand that we need to play a part in reducing this education divide by trying to improve the baseline. We need to participate in initiatives focused at this in whichever way we can.

Says Nitin P. Khanna, Founder of Bharat Learn, “We’ve been waiting for decades for only the Government and its institutions to fix this issue, but when there are 24 crore kids to be educated, in 20 plus languages, it needs more than them. It needs us as well. It is time for India to rise to educate Bharat.”

And we need to realise that this participation is no charity, but is in our own enlightened self-interest. The purpose of the video is to introduce new paradigm shift in the way we all think about supporting education and to draw people into taking action.

Bharat Learn provokes the conscience of parents to think afresh, in their children’s interest, and invites them to join their crowdfunding campaign.

Bharat Learn: We see a future where teachers, both formal and informal, are empowered with free, high quality video-based content and a powerful pedagogy to successfully impart high quality education to their students in classrooms across the country. We believe that our education will win when our teachers win in the classroom and our students are ensured high quality inputs, irrespective of their status or location.