World Health Day: Keeping Humans and the Planet Healthy 


Health has always been a priority, and our world is now more health-conscious than ever. World Health Day is observed to raise awareness of health-related issues and also aims to call attention to specific health issues that are of concern to people globally. Every year, WHO selects a particular theme and the topic for this year is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’.  A person’s most valuable asset is his health. So, let us try to take care of our health better. 

Shashank Jain
Founder, Bourgeon Foods

It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver, said Mahatma Gandhi. On this World Health Day, we must acknowledge the role our planet plays in our health.

The climate crisis and pollution are some of the main factors that affect a person’s health. Unfortunately, this is not limited to one geographical location but is the same, worldwide. Unhealthy and processed foods are pushing a wave of obesity, heart diseases and cancer, whilst also generating a majority of global greenhouse emissions.

This year’s theme, ‘Our Planet, Our Health’, is possibly the most important one we have celebrated in the last few years. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw increased measures to restrict movement, use of nature-friendly products, and recycling which resulted in the planet being the healthiest it has been in decades. The repeated lockdowns the world over has possibly let the Earth breathe a little due to little or no emissions from industries and other pollutants. Furthermore, the decrease in greenhouse emissions and pollution has led to cleaner seas and clear skies. As a society, we must learn from this, and continue to maintain these positive changes to encourage a healthy planet, and create sustainable societies of healthy and happy individuals.

Prem Kumar
Founder & CEO, Snapbizz

A small change in our lifestyle can have a significant impact on our health. Our planet is going through a lot of issues such as climate change, global warming, carbon footprints, deforestation etc that are causing havoc to our environment. We are rushing towards urbanisation without realising the detrimental effects it will have on our health.

In India, air quality has deteriorated in recent decades, necessitating the need for improved air quality. Covid instilled in us the importance of breathing clean and fresh air. Apart from that, we need to plant as many trees as possible because they are our only source of food and nutrition, as well as keeping us healthy and alive. This will also aid in the preservation of our planet’s health and safety. So, planting trees and adopting these sustainable living behaviours can help us live a healthier life for ourselves and our future generations.

We, at Snapbizz, urge every citizen to contribute to a healthier living environment by giving back to nature what it gives us in abundance.

Gaurav Burman
VP & APAC President, 75F, India

Our environment has been severely harmed by major environmental challenges. Global warming, carbon emissions, climate change, and deteriorating air quality are just a few of the factors that have made our planet weaker and unhealthier, leading to the depletion of resources. The air quality has been continuously deteriorating due to overreliance on fossil fuels as the main energy source, causing major pulmonary difficulties among patients. More than ever, improved air quality is the need of the hour, and this is only possible if we take care of mother nature by reducing global warming and maintaining the ozone layer from depletion. Covid made us realise the importance of breathing fresh air and thus 75F ensures that it delivers better indoor air quality through its applications such as Outdoor Air Optimization (OAO) and IoT powered Building management systems. If we wish to live a healthy life not just for us but for our coming generations, we must commit on World Health Day that we would practise sustainable living and contribute to a healthier future for our generations to come.

Abraham George
Chief People Officer and a member of the Board at Ennoventure Inc

On World Health Day, it’s important to look beyond the purely physical definition of health and focus on wellbeing. Simply put, wellbeing refers to a state of comfort, health and happiness – all of which are highly contextual to the individual and their situation. At Ennoventure, we’re fighting the good fight against the global counterfeit menace, which makes it all the more important that we cultivate an open, honest environment from within. As problem solvers, our team members are encouraged to speak up, ask questions, raise concerns and share ideas without reservation, which we facilitate by providing seamless processes and collaborative tools. Everyone is free to work from a location of their choosing, and we encourage them to take sufficient work breaks. Finally, we make it a point to consistently recognise and reward the achievements of all our employees. Our goal is to sustain an organisation where everyone is in touch with their feelings, knows what their wellness is, and feels good about themselves.

Neha Chadha
Senior HR Manager, AFour Technologies

At AFour, we’ve always put physical and mental health at the forefront of our employee initiatives. All of our employees have Group Medical Coverage for themselves and their families, and last year we introduced Parental Insurance and Group Term Life Insurance as well. Since the pandemic began, we have offered regular online sessions on yoga, meditation, wellness, and pranayama to help employees cope better with stress and anxiety. With a view to their work-from-home comfort, we also gave them internet and furniture allowances for their home office setup. We also organised dance and music sessions to keep team members engaged and provide them with creative ways to unwind. Now that the world is opening up again, we plan to restart our team marathons and in-person wellness sessions. We also offer private mental health counselling for anyone who needs it.

Nitish Rai
CEO and Founder, FreightFox

Approximately six million trucks ply the roads of India every day. With the logistical disruptions in e-commerce, quick commerce and emergence of product as a service business models, the drivers of these trucks have come under immense pressure. Sleep is hard to get during long-haul assignments, and most food options on the go are of poor quality, which increases the risk of health issues.

At FreightFox, we are conducting stakeholder discussion with manufacturing companies to encourage them towards providing driver facilities. We are gearing up to launch our “healthy thali” awareness initiative at dhabas along the Mumbai-Pune highway, giving our drivers cheap and easy access to nutritious food. The truck driver community are the pillars of our road transport economy, and we are committed to helping them thrive personally as well as professionally.

For our employees, besides all the benefits and policies, we periodically take them on adventure tours like treks and paragliding. We hope to continue this in the coming years and aspire to be a dynamic workforce.