World’s First Anti Corona Task Force Aims to Connect Organisations on a Social Graph


India, August 7, 2020: The Anti Corona Task Force is the world’s first NGO aggregator that connects every organisation in a complex social graph where everyone can reach anyone. It is one of the most advanced concepts generated from rural India.

Under the leadership of Dr Krishan Jha – Renowned Strategist and Policymaker,  Sachin Khaire – Chief Innovation Officer of ACTF, and Rakesh Rai – Chief of External Affairs, The Anti-Corona Task Force has worked at the forefront in the nationwide fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the past months and continues to work dynamically across national, state and district levels, with thousands of volunteers across the country, dedicated to helping those who have been affected by the pandemic.

With its first international office in Geneva, ACTF aims to have its footprints globally and is planning to get into newer sectors and areas of expansion in order to help in growing the economy and to serve the nation.

Until now, ACTF has distributed food, supplies, and masks free of cost, to people in need and have also undertaken many innovative initiatives and campaigns, including:

  • The “Chalo Ghar Chalo” campaign for the stranded labourers to reach their homes safely.
  • The “Becho Campaign” for the farmers to sell products directly to the government or buyers.
  • Keeping in mind the needs of people and the idea of social distancing, ACTF designed the vegetable market, “Smart Zig-Zag Mandi.”
  • ACTF has also launched India’s first dedicated telemedicine helpline where more than 25,000 families have acquired aid from the professionals.
  • Plasma donation campaign for those who have recovered from coronavirus, to donate plasma in order to help those currently fighting the infection through plasma therapy.
  • Gift of Life – Blood Donation Campaign, ACTF aims to run the biggest blood donation campaign. The donors can complete the registration on the ACTF website or through social media. The data will be shared with the state and the Government of India.
  • The “Kaamaaya App” launched in order to make job search easier for the 122 million people who have lost their occupation during the pandemic
  • ACTF has also launched its Animal Wing, to be the voice for animal wellbeing and to provide food and medical assistance, recognising that the far-reaching consequences and impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
  • Flood Relief Champaign – The community kitchen serves meals to flood-affected people with over 4000 volunteers for the Flood Relief Campaign, extending support to the Assam and Bihar Government and provides food, medicines and supplies.

ACTF has established a strong base in both rural and urban India and the model adopted by them portrays the immense power of rural India to support the nation during this pandemic. 2020 will surely be the defining year for rural India to lead our nation forward with discipline, courage, balance and innovation.

The Anti Corona Task Force firmly believes in and strives for exemplifying humane care and relief through compassion and consideration for all living beings.