ACC’s Bakery Initiative in Dungri Village of Bargarh Creates Economic Opportunities for Locals


Bengaluru: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, proudly announces the inauguration of first bakery production unit in Dungri, a remote village in the Bargarh district. This visionary initiative aims to address the pressing local demand for bakery products while nurturing self-reliance and fostering economic empowerment among community members.

The launch of Dungri’s first bakery under the Pratignya Trust, a Self-Help Group supported by Adani Foundation, represents a significant economic milestone for a community comprising over 1,450 families, who were previously dependent on distant markets for their bakery needs. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery, this bakery is set to significantly enhance local commerce, particularly during festive seasons. The expected increase in sales not only promises to empower livelihoods of the community members but also reduces the burden of a 60km journey for bakery goods, reinforcing local self-reliance.

More than a mere economic effort, the establishment of Dungri Bakery symbolises a collective commitment to community spirit, catalyzing a transformative shift towards sustainable development in Dungri. With the dedicated support of the ACC Bargarh plant’s CSR team, the products from Dungri Bakery are marketed locally and to wholesalers, ensuring wider accessibility and reach. The unit, equipped with state-of-the-art bakery machinery, is ready to produce a diverse array of items such as toast, sliced bread, and buns.

Upholding rigorous standards of hygiene and quality, the bakery remains responsive to customer feedback, consistently delivering fresh, affordable products. With a commendable capacity of 38-40 kg per day, the unit expects a daily profit ranging between Rs. 900 to Rs. 1100. Given its capacity to meet daily demands and its growing popularity, the bakery is poised for substantial growth, promising widespread benefits for the entire community.

The bakery project stands as a testament to ACC and Adani Foundation’s dedication to nurturing local talent and promoting self-reliance, contributing positively to India’s rural growth.