Annamrita Foundation: Nurturing Lives in Palwal, Haryana


Palwal: The Annamrita Foundation, an integral part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), is making significant strides in community service in the historic district of Palwal, Haryana. Renowned for providing nourishing meals to patients in civil hospitals in Faridabad and Kurukshetra, the foundation’s approach extends beyond physical sustenance, nurturing the soul and spirit of those they serve.

Operating from state-of-the-art kitchen facilities in Palwal, the Annamrita Foundation ensures that the meals prepared are nutritious and imbued with care and compassion. This holistic approach offers more than just food; it brings comfort and tranquillity to those enduring hardship and illness.

The Foundation’s commitment to societal welfare is further exemplified through its participation in the Government of India’s midday meal program. This initiative ensures that students from Classes I to VIII in government schools across the food district, including Hasanpur and Palwal block, receive healthy meals. By doing so, the Foundation plays a crucial role in nurturing young students’ physical and intellectual growth.

As per the Operations Manager of Annamrita Foundation, Ramatma Das, “Beyond its meal programmes, they also engage with children to foster social and educational development. Collaborating with industry experts, the foundation’s efforts aim to empower young minds, prepare them to face future challenges and contribute positively to society.”

The Foundation’s impact is widespread, providing over two and a half lakh meals daily across Faridabad, Gurugram, and Kurukshetra. Their service, particularly to hospital patients, is invaluable, embodying their belief in holistic health-nurturing a healthy mind and body as the cornerstone for a thriving nation.

As the Annamrita Foundation, a part of ISKCON, continues its mission, it stands as a beacon of hope and kindness in Palwal. Its commitment to humanitarian efforts underlines the powerful impact of compassionate service in building a healthier, more resilient community.