Anuja Patil’s Story of Shattering Glass Ceilings as Tata Power’s First Woman Hydro Engineer


Celebrating the spirit of International Women’s Day, we recount the commendable strides women are achieving across diverse sectors. We delve into the inspiring story of Anuja Patil at Tata Power, who shattered the conventional boundaries to emerge as the first woman hydro engineer within the maintenance domain. Her journey, which commenced in 2011 as a Graduate Engineer Trainee, has seen her ascend to the prestigious position of Lead Engineer in Instrumentation Maintenance, thereby altering the narrative in frontiers traditionally dominated by men.

The tale of Anuja Patil is imbued with her indomitable spirit and an unwavering passion for excellence. Her inspiring journey while helming the role of maintenance and enhancement projects at the 72MW Khopoli and 75MW Bhivpuri Hydro Power Stations is nothing short of remarkable. Through engaging in projects like Sankalp, Six Sigma, LASER and, many others, Anuja has played a pivotal role in the enhancement of critical systems. She undertook to update PLC and SCADA systems to oversee significant repairs, thereby reinforcing the reliability and safety of the energy infrastructure.

Beyond her professional accolades, Anuja’s journey demonstrates a real passion for the power sector and a relentless endeavour to instigate positive change within her sphere of influence. Supported by Tata Power’s mandate to nurture a diverse and inclusive workplace, Anuja has thrived, capitalising on specialised training and guidance to excel in her role. Her daily regimen, characterised by meticulous attention to detail, innovative problem-solving, and collaborative efforts, culminated in her being awarded the “Champion Executive Award” in 2023—a recognition of her professional competence and valued standing within the industry.

Anuja’s message to women aspiring to make their mark in the field underscores the significance of perpetual learning, networking, and self-confidence. She champions the cause of mentorship, curiosity, and the application of one’s unique perspective to stimulate meaningful impact. By highlighting the myriad opportunities within the power sector, she encourages resilience and perceives challenges as conduits for personal and professional growth.

The celebration of Anuja Patil by Tata Power this International Women’s Day transcends the acknowledgement of an individual’s achievements. It serves to illuminate the pivotal role women play in propelling the energy sector forward. Her narrative is symbolic of the collective strides toward achieving gender parity and sustainable development. Dominant sector players must take this leaf out of Tata Power’s playbook and dedicate their resources to empowering women. Extending them opportunities to lead and innovate will be instrumental in sculpting a more inclusive and diverse future for the energy industry.