Apraava Energy Completes Solar Electrification Project in 14 Villages of Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh: Apraava Energy, a diversified provider of low-carbon energy in India, has completed a solar electrification project it had undertaken in 2020 to meet the energy needs of over 3687 households around its Satpura Transco Private Ltd (STPL) transmission project in Madhya Pradesh. Apraava Energy implemented the project in partnership with SELCO Foundation in 14 villages around Seoni Malwa in Hoshangabad district and Ashta in Sehore district.

The villagers were earlier facing multiple challenges due to inconsistent power supply. These included unsafe conditions for women and children to step out of their homes after sunset; non-functional streetlights; thefts; lack of road safety for drivers; limited social gatherings; power cuts in schools and Anganwadis and lack of modern teaching technologies for students.

To resolve these issues, under the project, 52 solar streetlights were set up in the common areas of the villages. Basic appliances such as fans and lights in Anganwadis were powered by solar energy. Around seven Anganwadis were made smarter by equipping them with digital learning tools and digital content for kids. Thirteen schools and Anganwadis were provided with digital education kits, which made the process of teaching and learning more contemporary and interactive. The teachers in the Anganwadis and schools have been trained in handling these digital tools. The content is offered in both the local language as well as English and follows the syllabus.

Dr Priyesh Modi, Head – Corporate Social Responsibility, Apraava Energy, said, “Reliable supply of electricity is vital for enabling the socioeconomic development of rural India. We believe that every household and region in the country should be electrified – that too through green and sustainable energy. We are pleased that, as an actor in this direction, we were able to meet the immediate needs of the communities surrounding our STPL project and make a meaningful difference in their lives.”

The beneficiary villages include Nayagaon, Narri, Gotabarri, Nandarwara, Malapat around Seoni Malwa, Chancharsi, Richhadiya, Kannod Mirzi, Awali Kheda, Thuriya, Kitya, Deosiralya, Sonkhedi, Janjal Khedi around Ashta. The solutions implemented under the initiative generate approximately 13.9 MWh/year of solar power and lead to a reduction in carbon emissions to the tune of approximately 11.2 tonnes per year.