Avaada Foundation to Impact One Million Lakh Lives Through Education, Empowerment and Environment Initiatives By 2030


Mumbai: Avaada Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Avaada Group, through its slew of CSR activities focused on three Es – Education, Empowerment, Environment, aims to impact one million lives by 2030, through various initiatives across all 11 States of its operations. The Foundation has already supported over two lakh people across India through various CSR activities along with health and rural electrification with a vision and mission to bring about the much-needed transformation.

Avaada Group is a firm believer in community engagement, and Avaada Foundation is focused on a transformational vision by enhancing the quality of people’s lives. The 3 Es are intended to grapple with challenges faced by the poor and the marginalised sections of society. “As per bhutarin, we are in debt from the time we were born, as we take resources from the environment, it’s our duty to pay back to our forefathers, the environment, plants, and animals. It’s time we engaged those around us to make that real difference in engaging the lives of many. With our unmatched spirit, we consistently strive to support millions of lives through our social initiatives and solutions. It should be the moral responsibility of corporates to give back to society and during the ongoing Daan Utsav, we reiterate our commitment to work towards the betterment of society. Our initiatives in the fields of education, health, environment, and electrification are a reflection of our resolve to play a pivotal role in transforming India,” says Vineet Mittal, Chairperson of Avaada Group. 

Avaada is a culmination of conducting businesses driven for higher purposes and the Foundation, through its Community Development Certificate (CDC) and Grow Forest Mechanism (GFM), has benefited the environment to change the world into a resilient living place. In line with SDGs, we have launched several humanitarian programmes aimed towards women’s empowerment, quality education, healthcare and environmental protection in rural surroundings. 

Avaada Foundation’s education initiatives of construction of classrooms, drinking water facilities, science labs and other amenities, besides ensuring electricity access to schools have impacted over 35,000 lives in the education space.  The Foundation is also focused on providing healthcare facilities and through its health camps in Maharashtra and Rajasthan, it has benefited over 70,000 lives. 

Avaada Foundation’s initiative through its Nav Kiran Stitching Centre in Umarda (Rajasthan) and Chhatai (Uttar Pradesh) and Nav Kiran Digital Centre has skilled over 20,000 people and helped them earn their livelihoods. Its rural electrification programme is committed to providing electricity in remote areas of the country. It has established two 25KW solar photovoltaic plants in Jayapur, Uttar Pradesh to meet the energy requirements of the village. A total of 634 homes or roughly 3100 people have benefitted from this electrification process. 

For environmental protection, the Foundation has initiated a tree plantation drive in Pavagada in Karnataka and Badaun and Bikaner, and to date, over 65,000 saplings have been planted.  Avaada Group constantly draws wisdom and knowledge from Indian culture and giving back to society, the nation, and mother nature is at the core of its ethos. The Foundation believes in following these practices year-round.