BBG Foundation Sparking its Mission for Empowering the Girl Child


Hyderabad, September 2020: BBG Foundation is a purposive trust that believes in the right to education for every girl child. Working on par with like-minded organisations to improve the welfare services, the Foundation has been working towards increasing female literacy, reducing school dropouts, female foeticide, and menstrual hygiene management. It lays emphasis on changing the mindset of society through creating awareness, providing training, and community mobilisation.

BBG Foundation has been actively participating in many events related to the community development hosted by the departments of the Govt. of India and many other organisations. The foundation is sharing the dais with the like-minded organisations to reach great and unseen heights in the development of the girl child and consequently the nation. It believes that community mobilisation and awareness to the people is the stepping stone towards the welfare of the girl child in our nation.

BBG Foundation in all its gatherings has been highlighting the severity of the imbalanced Child Sex Ratio (CSR) between the age groups of 0-6 years; the current sex ratio is 918 per 1000 boys which indicate the suppression of girl childbirths in the society and it leads to large implications on future generations. In its perspective, State and Union Governments, NGOs, Civil Society Organisations, and responsible individuals of the society should take quick action to gain control over this issue.

Striving hard to disseminate its ideology to the community for a greater cause; it has been providing awareness to various stakeholders such as Panchayati members, parents, teachers, Self Help Group members, CBOs, Anganwadi teachers, and mothers committees.

The Foundation not only imparts best education and scholarships to the poor and meritorious girls but is also ensuring basic amenities in about 40 schools so far. It has been conducting periodical awareness sessions on menstrual hygiene management and anaemia control in the government high schools and colleges in collaboration with ANM and AWW. It also conducted health camps with the support of local PHC doctors and other volunteer gynaecologist and also facilitating iron supplements to adolescent girls (age groups of 11-18) through Anganwadi centres to prevent anaemia.

The Government of India has given utmost priority to the welfare of the women and girls in its schemes. It has announced many schemes such as Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Balika Samriddhi Yojana, CBSE Udaan Scheme, and National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education, etc. But most of them are not utilised to their fullest due to lack of awareness.

The Foundation, therefore, is trying to connect the eligible beneficiaries with the schemes by providing awareness on all the available schemes among the rural community. The Foundation is keen on looking forward to an opportunity to mobilise people towards the welfare of women and girls in all the aspects.

By implementing all the aforesaid activities, BBG Foundation aims to achieve the following:

  1. Preventing gender-based selective abortions in society
  2. Ensuring survival and protection of girl child in infancy
  3. Ensuring education and participation of the girl child

“Building Blocks Group believes that a girl child is a true wealth of every family. Through BBG Foundation, we dedicate our lives and profits to ensure the overall development of every girl child,” says Mallikarjun Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director of BBG India.

Mallikarjun Reddy shares, “We at BBG Foundation are hyper-focused on girl child between the age group of 5 to 10 years (LKG to 5th grade), with a 360-degree impact for their golden future. We are exploring various initiatives aligned with our Telangana government and collaborating with like-minded NGOs complementing each other in this larger than life mission.”

“Our foremost milestone at BBG Foundation’s in co-creating model schools (10 point formula) for the overall and holistic development of girl child. We are currently in the process of empowering 20,000 girls across 100 schools with a targeted dream of empowering one million (10 lakh) girl children by 2030. In our efforts towards this goal, we dedicate a portion of our profits to the scholarships and rewards for girls to encourage them for higher education,” he informed.