Buddy4Study Collaborates with Corporates to Support 10,000 COVID-Affected Students


New Delhi, November 7, 2020: India’s largest scholarship platform and student empowerment network, Buddy4Study has partnered with multiple new corporates including Tata Capital, Xiaomi, Piaggio, Vivo, Legrand, Fullerton, Acuity Partners, Shriram Transport, Shriram Capital to bring scholarship support to more than 10,000 school and college students in the past two months.

The platform is hosting many new scholarships as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes of its existing and new Corporate partners.

The platform has already opened applications for scholarships being offered by BSES, Xiaomi, Wipro, STFC, Colgate-Palmolive, Legrand and Piaggio. Further, the next set of scholarships is expected to be launched soon in partnership with Tata Capital, Acuity Knowledge Partners and a few other Corporates.

Speaking on the opening of the series of scholarships, Manjeet Singh, CEO, Buddy4Study, said, “We are extremely proud to host so many scholarships in quick succession. I firmly believe that this will motivate students from economically weaker sections who increasingly face a risk of dropping out of the formal education system, especially after the outbreak of COVID.” He also thanked the corporate partners for entrusting Buddy4Study with their CSR projects and sponsoring new scholarship programmes that will directly help in reducing the drop-out rate at different levels of education. “We thank our corporate partners for trusting our scholarship management system year after year. We are also very excited to onboard new partners who have joined us with new scholarship programmes to help thousands of needy students,” he added.

Buddy4Study does end-to-end management of scholarship programmes and other education-related CSR projects. Right from CSR project design to online applications and transparent tracking to structured reporting, the tech-driven platform does it all for its corporate partners.

Turning the challenges of CSR implementation during COVID into opportunities, Buddy4Study has also started online learning, mentoring and employee volunteering programme modules to support Corporates in undertaking counselling and learning activities towards helping needy students.

Speaking on the new CSR implementation offerings, Ankur Dhawan, COO, Buddy4Study, said, “As a majority of academic institutions continue to be closed amid the COVID situation, Buddy4Study has successfully executed online mentoring and employee volunteering modules to help Corporates partners who were not able to continue their offline activities due to strict COVID protocols. We are happy to see more and more corporate partners believing in us and joining our new online programme modules.”

He also said that Buddy4Study is taking the online mentoring & learning programmes to the next level and planning to open it for every student. “Currently, we are supporting corporate partners like HCL, BATA and many more with our online mentoring and learning platform. We are now planning to open it for a larger population of students with an affordable pricing structure.”

Buddy4Study primarily helps students in finding and applying to the best-fit scholarship opportunities. The platform has recorded a surge of more than 40 per cent (year-on-year) in student traffic over the last six months. During the same period, the portal also acquired more than 1.2 million new registered users.