Cab Driver’s Son Overcomes Odds with a Rare Double Arm Transplant Through Heartfelt Crowdfunding on Milaap  


New Delhi: In yet another success story, a Milaap fundraiser has helped a Delhi cab driver fund his son’s treatment, who met with a life-altering train accident in 2019. The family had initiated a fundraiser to garner support for the boy’s medical needs and over the last four years, an overwhelming generosity from 4700 donors contributed to raise over INR 90 Lakhs. The significant contribution facilitated a successful prosthetic leg surgery, and in a groundbreaking development, a recent transformative double arm transplant. This inspiring journey is a testament to the power of community and goodwill that crowdfunding can have on individuals facing challenging medical circumstances.

In 2019, Devansh, then a Class IX student, lost three of his limbs after a near-fatal train accident. The boy fell and got stuck to the track at a railway crossing on his way back from school, and was run over by a railway engine. Soon after the accident, his right leg and both arms had to be amputated. As the effects of sedatives faded away, Devansh was confronted with the harsh reality of his condition, leaving him speechless for days. Vinit and Priyanka, Devansh’s parents, were shattered by the sight of their son’s predicament.

Shortly thereafter, Devansh received a prosthetic leg to enable his mobility after the amputation. At that point, the doctors suggested he undergo an arm transplant only once he turned 18 years of age.  After a prolonged wait for a suitable donor and adequate funds for the surgery, Devansh successfully underwent a double arm transplant at the start of this month. He is now on the path to recovery—gratitude owed to the generous donors on Milaap who played a crucial role. The funds not only covered the surgical expenses but also supported him through years of medication, nutrition, and prosthetics since the unfortunate incident.

Devansh’s mother expressed heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a vital role in her son’s journey. “After years of anticipation following the tragic train accident, my son has successfully undergone the transplant at the beginning of this new year. I am deeply thankful to Milaap and all the donors who provided financial support to make the surgery possible for my son and our family. I would also like to appeal to people to continue helping each other, ensuring that nobody is left in pain.”

Milaap plays a pivotal role in funding healthcare crises for both children and adults across India. The crowdfunding platform has been instrumental in financially enabling\individuals and families facing high costs for medical ailments such as cancer, organ transplantation, accidents, etc. The platform works to ensure the online giving ecosystem is easy and transparent, thereby earning the trust of donors and beneficiaries alike. As the world shifts toward online giving as the primary way to help others, Milaap is proud to lead the way.

You can watch Devansh take his first steps post-surgery in a video here.

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