Clean-Up Foundation Comes Forward to Aid Mumbai Rag Pickers


Mumbai, March 30, 2020: Given the current COVID 19 pandemic and the necessary lockdown implemented by the Government, Clean-Up Foundation have come forward to provide some relief by donating food to the city’s most vulnerable community – the rag pickers. With low income, low life expectancy, no proper meals and very low dignity; it is a segment that is often overlooked for what the rag pickers and garbage cleaners do for the city. The distribution of food was done by Aasra Welfare Association, with whom Clean-Up Foundation works closely. Not only Clean-Up Foundation donated food but also provided the much-needed medical insurance facility for 60 rag pickers.

15-year Sanjana Runwal who is also the Co-Founder of Clean-Up Foundation says, “I want to bring about a positive change in the lives of the rag pickers, they are often being neglected by our society. If they stop doing what they do, the cities will become unliveable. When everyone is busy running to earn for their respective livelihood, they are the ones who keep our city clean each passing day. And now, when the entire city is at a standstill due to this deadly virus, there is a necessity to extend our help to them in such a situation.”

Clean-Up aims to improve the living conditions of those who keep our city clean, the garbage cleaners and rag pickers being prominent. Clean-Up has already donated numerous water purifiers to different ward offices of BMC, which have helped hundreds of garbage cleaners get access to clean drinking water. It has also provided safety kits for rag pickers and financial assistance for the education of their children.