CMS Info Systems Goes the Extra Mile to Help Slum Dwellers, Daily Wage Earners and Migrants


Mumbai, May 5, 2020: Besides being the leader in cash logistics and cash management, the CMS team on the ground at various locations across India have come through in helping migrants, slum dwellers and the poor people on the streets.

While attending to their duty in keeping ATMs filled with cash, many CMS employees have also ensured that about 40k slum dwellers, homeless, and migrants are well fed by ferrying vegetables in the van in the cities such as Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and the neighbouring towns.

The Akola team in Maharashtra prepared homemade, fresh food for the homeless and served it to them. In times like these, even a warm meal on an empty stomach will go a long way. In Gurugram, some CMS employees and their families were driven away by landlords. The Office Manager took into his home and has been providing for them. The CMS Manager, out of goodwill, has helped them with groceries and necessities to ensure they are not rendered homeless; a gallant action on his part in providing the required support to his employees who were in dire need.

It is an undisputed and terrible fact that daily wage worker is the worst affected by the lockdown and to lend a helping hand to the needy is a humanitarian action to do. The team of 73 CMS employees in Ranchi went a step further and pooled in INR 22k between themselves to feed the daily wage and migrant workers. They loaded the van with relief material and drove towards the remote places of Ranchi. While working on the weekdays, they utilised their off-days and went door to door to distribute the relief packages.

CMS Indore team is led by the example, where they donated basic essential meal ingredients.  Bhopal Team donated packets of namkeen and biscuits to the local police force as an appreciation towards the front-line responders who are working round the clock to keep the country safe. The CMS team displayed a show of solidarity by supporting them in these challenging times. CMS Bangalore team joined hands with local NGOs to support them with logistics to distribute essentials to the daily wage workers and poor people.

In times like these, the CMS team in Bangalore has also managed to distribute sanitary napkins, which is an essential item to close to 100 female workers in the area.

While CMS is first-line responders in filling ATMs so as to lessen any inconvenience in getting cash, they have gone the extra mile s and are upholding the humanitarian cause by feeding the daily wage workers and migrants, which is a burning issue in the country today.