DailyRounds and The/Nudge Institute Partners to End Ultra Poverty in 400 Households of Rural Jharkhand


Bengaluru: The/Nudge Institute, a non-profit organisation dedicated to eradicating poverty in India, joined hands with DailyRounds, India’s largest academic network of doctors, for their ‘End Ultra Poverty Programme’. Through this programme, they aim to empower women from ultra- poor families by building sustainable local livelihoods to help them break the ultra-poverty cycle. With this partnership, they aim to create a sustainable livelihood for 400 women from rural communities in Latehar and Lohardaga districts of Jharkhand, over the next three years. 

By targeting marginalised women and families in Jharkhand’s rural and underserved regions, the collaboration represents a significant step forward in addressing the pressing issue of ultra-poverty. The houses are shortlisted on different criteria, post which they are provided with grants and asset transfers. Goatery and Piggery have been the chosen livelihood activity for women in the selected households based on the market opportunity. The women will also be trained in practical implementations of livelihood activities, income savings and village marketplaces.

While commenting on this initiative, Vineet Bagri, the CEO of DailyRounds said, “Since our beginning, with our efforts at DailyRounds & Marrow, we’ve been creating a positive impact on the healthcare sector of India. However, the satisfaction of being on the ground, directly involved, and effecting change in 400 households, thus positively influencing over 1000 lives, is truly remarkable. Our commitment to creating a positive influence on those around us has always been at the core of our brand’s efforts. We take pride in the fact that our partnership with The/Nudge allows us to uphold this principle and continue making a difference.”

The End Ultra Poverty Programme, based on the graduation model pioneered by BRAC, is one of the very few evidence-based programmes that have been proven to reach – and empower – those living in ultra-poverty over a sustained period. Since the inception of ‘ultra poor programme,’ The/Nudge has managed to handhold and train over 7,500 women across India, aiding them in overcoming ultra-poverty.

“Jharkhand is India’s second poorest state, where a significant number of households struggle to eat two square meals a day. The lack of land, water resources and livestock compound the problem. We thank DailyRounds for recognising this critical need to serve the poorest of the poor, and partnering with The/Nudge Institute (Centre for Rural Development) to enable 400 women-led households to build livelihoods,” said Atul Satija, Founder and CEO of The/Nudge Institute. 

DailyRounds has dedicated nearly Rs 6 Crores for impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives this year. Notably, the company has allocated over 60 per cent of its CSR funds from the previous year to support this initiative by Nudge for a three-year period. The programme’s progress and outcomes will be regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure the desired impact. The company also has other CSR efforts in the pipeline, in the areas of education and healthcare research.