Donatekart Joins Hands with Mzaalo to Impact Millions of Lives


National: India’s most trusted and transparent platform, Donatekart, has partnered with Mzaalo, a blockchain-based gamified video streaming platform to create a positive social impact nationwide.

This collaboration allows Mzaalo users to watch premium content and earn reward coins without having to pay any subscription fee. The platform gratifies the time and attention of users by allowing them to redeem their earned coins for Donatekart vouchers and make an impact in the lives of thousands. The simple act of watching their favourite content will now allow the audience to make a difference.

Anil Kumar Reddy, CEO & Co-founder, Donatekart says, “Donatekart has always worked towards making a social impact ever since its inception and our partnership with Mzaalo is a great opportunity to reach out to more people in need. Since we’re a tech for good company, we’re constantly thinking about innovative ways in which we can use technology for social good, and with our partnership with Mzaalo, it’s fascinating to see how users can now make a difference just by watching content on the Mzaalo platform.”

Vikram Tanna, COO, Mzaalo commented on the partnership, “We feel privileged to have such a wonderful opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives by leveraging our blockchain based entertainment ecosystem. Through our partnership with Donatekart, we would like to extend support to the cause by enabling our users to make a contribution.”

Donatekart has been working towards empowering and uplifting the lives of countless people and animals across India since 2016. With causes varying from ending hunger, supporting the elderly, educating underprivileged children, helping injured animals and many more, Donatekart has impacted over 1000+ NGOs so far and raised over Rs 150 Crore worth of donations with the support of 5+ lakh donors.

During the last two waves of Covid in India, Donatekart has engaged with over 70 corporates and startups to raise donations for pandemic victims and communities like daily wagers. The workplace giving models designed by Donatekart helped corporates to quickly set up and scale initiatives with their employees and consumer base. To engage stakeholders, Donatekart has designed a variety of models for OTT, FMCG, Hyperlocal delivery, D2C, E-commerce platforms, social and other consumer-facing brands. These engagements resulted in an excess of 1.6 Cr worth of donations where brands saw an increase in engagement with their customers—as well as an appreciation for unwavering commitment to their values.

As a company that is focused on using technology to bring about social change, Donatekart’s partnership with Mzaalo is set to redefine digital giving experience.