HSNC University’s K.C. College Initiated Solar Urja Project in Maharashtra


Mumbai, January 18, 2021: K.C. College, one of the constituent colleges of the cluster HSNC University recently inaugurated the Solar Urja Project in Maharashtra’s Palghar district. The NSS Unit of the college has been the driving force behind this mega initiative in lieu to support the academic institutions that are economically-backward and face obstacles in providing education.

Under this drive, students of the NSS Unit installed solar panels at Zila Parishad Anganwadis, primary schools, secondary schools as well as private schools that are economically weaker. The main objective of the drive has been to ensure that sustainable power is supplied from the alternative resources which are eco–friendly and cost-effective to the remote villages of Navghar, Ghatim, Kandarvan, Karwale and Sartodi villages of East Saphale, Palghar District. The cadets have installed nearly 75 solar panels in order to provide electricity in these backward regions as part of their social reform activities.

Expressing contentment on this social activity of community development, Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost – HSNC University commented that, “It is pleasure to see today’s youth voluntarily initiating and participating in such exercises that lead to better growth of the society and especially that of who are underprivileged.  This drive is aligned with the Ujala Yojna commenced by our Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi in view to harness solar power to rural India.”

Since NSS Unit is one such segment of K.C. College that keeps lending a helping hand in remote places and villages, there is self-motivation among all associating individuals to do the best for society. Explaining the idea of Solar Urja Project and how it began, Dr Hemlata Bagla, Principal of K.C. College said, “Due to the pandemic, education has radically shifted online and there are areas where students couldn’t study due to lack of resources and majorly due to unavailable or less electric supply. The members of the NSS Unit came with an effective idea that can help magnify the availability of electricity in villages and at the same time lower the burden of Maharashtra State Electricity Board by introducing renewable source of energy through Solar Urja Project.”

This project intends to spread the awareness of solar energy, the renewable energy source which is immensely available and can be optimally utilised. To amplify this strategic approach, The Change Foundation came forward as a Donor and Karm NGO as a promoter for the NSS Unit who implemented the entire project.