Indus International School Crowdfund on Ketto to Improve Menstrual Hygiene


Pune: Even today, the cultural and social influences create a major challenge in ensuring that women are given proper knowledge on menstrual hygiene. Around 23 million girls drop out of school early when they start menstruating and many of them end up facing acute health problems. The young minds of Indus International School, Pune, understand that the girl’s menstrual hygiene and care are the cornerstones of her healthy well-being. The students under the aegis The Alpha Urbane Project came forth and took it upon themselves to raise funds to improve menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls. 

Commenting on the student’s effort to enable a healthy and safe environment, Sandeep Chhabra, Principal, Indus International School, Pune, said, “We, at Indus, constantly strive to push our students to engage in activities that help in bringing about a small but significant difference in today’s VUCA world. Absenteeism during one’s menstruation cycle is a consequential occurrence that has compelled girls to drop out of school completely. In order to tackle this escalating adversary, we decided to go ahead with this crowdfunding campaign for grade 11 students, so that they too get an understanding of the admonitions that prevail in society today.” 

The students of Indus International school Pune have proved that through persistence and determination, anything can be achieved. Varun Jhamvar (Grade 12) and Yashwardhan Laharia (Grade 11) under the mentorship of teacher, Anupriya Dhooli started a crowdfunding campaign on and raised INR 11.16 lakh from over 450 donors. The amount raised from the public will be used by the renowned NGO Myna Mahila Foundation to ensure and support girls with menstrual hygiene products. 

Commenting on the initiative, Varun Jhamvar (Grade 12) and Yashwardhan Laharia (Grade 11) Indus International School Pune, said, “The funds will benefit around 500 girls wherein they will receive support for a year. During the year, the girls will undergo health education sessions thereby improving their access to health services and products. During the year, they will undergo health education sessions thereby improving their access to health services and products. This will lead to a shift in their health behaviour thereby increasing their agency to develop good health practices and health behaviour, prioritising their health needs. Once health needs are met, they are likely to complete their basic education and pursue higher education. Eventually, they are able to become financially independent which grants them more agency, confidence and is able to make decisions in their household. Such girls serve as role models and become our leaders, inspiring their peers and younger girls to enroll with us to begin their health journey.” 

Every contribution of Rs. 3600 will enable the foundation to support 1 girl for 1 year with health education and supply of health products such as sanitary napkins, disposable bags, underwear, masks, sanitisers, etc. Through the Ketto fundraiser, the foundation will be able to support around 500 girls in 2022.