#influenceforchange: TopSocial’s Step to a Positive Change


Gurgaon: TopSocial, India’s first technology-driven open-market place for influencers, announced its campaign #influenceforchange to acknowledge and appreciate the creators influencing the real and digital world.

The main motive for the campaign is to bring out the importance of voices in the society who have made a difference in their own little way and influenced people around them and to recognise such influential people who have somewhere lost their recognition among social media influencers.

Social media has changed the meaning and essence of influence since the new trend of digital influencing has emerged. TopSocial with their campaign #influenceforchange wants to explore the meaning of influence. Amidst the noise of social media and creators influencing people with their content, TopSocial does not want the authenticity of influence to lose its meaning.

The campaign featured Men Welfare Trust, a registered NGO which is a part of the Save Indian Family (SIF) movement representing Men’s Rights. Amit Lakhani from the NGO said, “In this digital age which is overcrowded by social media platforms, social media influencers play a significant role in giving a different perspective, bringing about a change of opinion in the society. At the same time, they have a great social responsibility as they need to be authentic to their subjects.”

TopSocial’s best performing social media post was a part of the #influenceforchange. This post features Paritosh Pant, Co-founder of ‘Feeding From Far’, a project to connect the privileged who want to help with those who need help in this pandemic, started as a mega effort to feed thousands of daily wage-earners. With #influenceforchange, TopSocial amplified their voice and brought in light their crowdfunded campaign.

Paritosh from Feeding From Far said, “In a young and restless country like India, with 50 per cent of the population being below 25 years of age, digital influencers play a very important role in shaping their minds and influence their choices”. TopSocial has been part of the Feeding From Far campaign since the beginning and has helped them with outreach.  Paritosh added, “Influencers For Change is a great campaign to align our thoughts and we are very grateful to be partnering with TopSocial.”

Kartik Kala, Business Head, TopSocial, said, “We believe that the term ‘influencer’ shouldn’t be centred only on social media. The torchbearers of positive change in society hold a lot of meaning in the virtual and real world. While we commemorate the social media influencers for their creativity, we look up to and honour the individuals and organisations that drive social change. #influenceforchange is not just a digital campaign but a strong proposition we believe in”.

The #influenceforchange campaign reached around 6,00,000 people with over 20,000 likes. The three most popular and engaging posts of the campaign were:

Feeding From Far: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-4qXLeJ2iO/
Total Reach – 3,17,969
Total Likes – 1,030
Total Comments – 23

Friendicos: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9wEZeHpImE/
Total Reach – 1,91,478
Total Likes – 748