InterGlobe Foundation Partners with Sudhaaya Dance Foundation to Celebrate Femininity in India


New Delhi, March 9, 2020: InterGlobe Foundation (IGF) partnered with Sudhaaya Dance Foundation to celebrate the depiction of feminine figures in the historical sculptural motifs of India, which represents a woman who was liberated, accomplished, confident and proudly proclaims her own femininity. In India, these motifs are revered across artistic disciplines and are abound in the religious architecture of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.

But with modern times, these culturally and aesthetically rich sculptures are losing their significance. Hence, with this partnership, IGF aims to recover the cultural representation of Indian women. In line with this vision, a performance by the renowned Odissi dancer – Shagun Butani was organised on the theme ‘Interpreting the Feminine in Sculpture through Odissi’. It highlighted the paradigms of the feminine by weaving together sculpture, dance, and traditions that represent the visual and performing arts of India.

Commenting on the initiative, Rohini Bhatia, Chairperson, InterGlobe Foundation, said, “In the present age, it is imperative to re-establish a connection of the younger generation with the heritage of our country. While plans are in place to celebrate the International Women’s Day everywhere, in our endeavour to celebrate womanhood, we are documenting the selected sculptures and presenting it visually along through the ancient Indian classical dance form Odissi. The initiative is aimed at creating interest and awareness of the iconic sculptural motifs portraying women and their representation in society. Our rich and stimulating cultural history will evoke a sense of recognition towards the feminine figures in the contemporary world.”