Jayshri Gayatri Foods (JGF) Continues to Support the Needy in Tough Times


Bhopal: During the first wave of the pandemic as the entire world was going through lockdowns, Jayshri Gayatri Foods (JGF) went through their toughest phase because all exports had stopped and business had come to a standstill for a while. During these tough time of COVID-19, the JGF team stayed resilient and stepped forward to help the needy including migrant workers with food, water, shelter and clothing on a daily basis. JGF has continued extending this support since March 2020 and has thus far distributed more than 10 lakh food packages.

Kishan Modi, Managing Director, Jayshri Gayatri Food products (JGF) said, “It was disheartening to see people struggling for the basic necessities like clean drinking water and food, and because of the lockdown even stray animals were not getting food to eat. As a responsible citizen I felt an urge to do as much as I could in my capacity to support the needy and with the help of my team, we started with distributing 3000 food packages a day, which is now expanded to about 5000 daily.  We have created our own kitchen for the food preparation to ensure healthy and hygienic meals.”