Kantar India Foundation and WeLive Foundation Launched 2nd Residential Bridge Programme for Young Women of Child Care Institution (CCI) in Chennai


Chennai: Kantar India Foundation has partnered with WeLive Foundation to launch its second residential bridge programme for young women from orphanages and shelter homes in Chennai to aid young women as they transition into adulthood.

For children growing up in CCIs, turning 18 marks a critical juncture. Legally required to leave the institution upon reaching adulthood, these care leavers often struggle to navigate the challenges of the real world. WeLive’s residential bridge programme supports these individuals aged between 18 and 23 by equipping them with the necessary skills and resources for independent living. This includes support for physical and emotional well-being, education and skill-building programmes, and guidance on financial management.

According to a report by Make a Difference, an NGO working with CCIs, there are approximately 35 million children classified under the Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP) category. Out of these children, a marginal number is registered in institutional care, facing various challenges ranging from abuse to family neglect. Kantar India Foundation, in partnership with WeLive Foundation, has effectively initiated analogous programmes in Bangalore in 2022 and Chennai in the year 2024. Over this span of two years, they have extended their support to young women from CCIs across 10 States in India, spanning from Kashmir to Kerala. The assistance has been comprehensive, encompassing the completion of skilling programmes, acquisition of educational certificates, and facilitation of employment opportunities. These young women have embarked on their professional journeys, securing positions in banks, corporate entities, and retail chains. Additionally, they have demonstrated financial responsibility by earning and saving for their future, all the while benefiting from provisions for nutrition, safe accommodations, and holistic well-being provided by the programme.

Speaking about the partnership, Rajani Athreya, Director HR, Insights Division, South Asia at Kantar said, “Kantar India Foundation is anchored in its mission of Equipping Women for Life and we strongly believe that every little step that we take in this direction has the potential to create a magnified and powerful social impact. This partnership ensures a safe environment and holistic development opportunities for the youngsters and equips them, as they step into the real world, to spread their wings and soar high.”

N S Parthasarathy, Co-Founder of Mindtree Limited, Board member of WeLive Foundation, added, “WeLive has been focused on providing a comprehensive, robust programme for care leavers, in a caring residential setting that will help them bridge their transition to the outside world. In collaboration with Kantar India Foundation, we are delighted to start our second centre for young women, who lack a support system – a space where they can learn, thrive, and get ready for independent living.”

The newly launched centre in Chennai aims to accommodate young women from various locations like Gujarat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana and more, offering them educational support, skill training, and job placement opportunities. They will also receive mentorship in areas such as financial literacy and documentation.