Karkinos Healthcare Conducts Transformative Digital Cancer Risk Assessment and Cervical Cancer Screening Camp at Bangalore Central Prison


Bangalore: Karkinos Healthcare, a leading force in oncological healthcare, collaborated with Bangalore-based NGO, Sakriya Charitable Trust, to organise a transformative Digital Cancer Risk Assessment and cervical cancer screening camp at the Bangalore Central Prison. The five-day event, witnessed an overwhelmingly positive response, impacting numerous individuals.

During the camp, a total of 1194 Digital Cancer Risk Assessments (CRA) were conducted, along with 113 HPV DNA tests, aiming to identify potential health risks, promote early detection, and enhance the overall well-being of the prison population. As per the data from National Prison Statistics India 2021, cancer has been identified as a major cause of Natural Deaths, emphasising the importance of initiatives like this in addressing the healthcare needs of incarcerated individuals. The collaboration highlights the organisations’ shared commitment to improving the lives of marginalised communities.

Karkinos Healthcare and Sakriya Charitable Trust remain dedicated to raising awareness about cancer prevention, facilitating timely screenings, and extending their healthcare services to underserved populations. Sakriya Charitable Trust also empowers underprivileged women through impactful hygiene sessions, promoting health, dignity, and well-being.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Karkinos Healthcare for their invaluable contribution to conducting the cancer screening camp for prison inmates. The vulnerable population within the prison walls is at a higher risk of developing cancer, making this initiative all the more crucial. We appreciate Karkinos Healthcare’s commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of underserved communities and its dedication to improving the well-being of these individuals. Together, we are taking a significant step towards early detection and ensuring the overall health of the prison population,” said Dr. Harshawardhan, Chief Medical Officer at Central Prison, Bangalore.

This collaboration reflects their joint mission to create a positive impact on the health and well-being of incarcerated individuals. By providing essential cancer risk assessment and screening services, the initiative enables the identification of potential health concerns and the implementation of timely interventions. To highlight the importance of early detection in treating cancer, Karkinos Healthcare encourages people to come forward and avail themselves of the smooth and accessible Digital Cancer Risk Assessment which helps in timely treatment of cancer, if detected.