Knowlarity Committed to Keeping the Public Safe and Informed About COVID-19 


India, March 2020​: Following the outbreak of COVID-19, ​Knowlarity Communications​, one of Asia’s leading cloud-based telephony companies, has demonstrated its commitment to fighting the disease via a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Pursuant to the CSR initiative, Knowlarity has established a toll-free number – 1800 121 3739 – to disseminate information about COVID-19. To keep the public healthy and safe, a team of volunteers from Knowlarity has developed cloud-based technology to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Anyone can call the toll free number to learn about the Covid-19 virus, its symptoms, and available treatments. Much false information is being disseminated and lack of information leads to rumors and generates myths. Similarly, in the case of Novel Coronavirus, there is a lot of misinformation amongst people about how it is spread including how it can be prevented and combated. Knowlarity has taken this initiative keeping public health and interest at heart.

Speaking about the spread of Coronavirus,Yatish Mehrotra, CEO, Knowlarity said, ​“The spread of the Coronavirus is certainly a global medical emergency. It is taking a considerable toll on human lives and has disrupted the lives of many people. Covid-19’s economic cost will be considerable as well. We believe that much loss of life will be prevented when people have access to the right information. To fight the spread of wrong information, we have taken this initiative to share accurate information and raise awareness about the COVID-19 disease. With only the publics’ welfare at heart, we have created a toll-free number anyone can call to learn how they can be safe from contracting the Novel Coronavirus and when treatment should be sought. We hope to serve and help as many people through this effort.”