Legrand India Partners with Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital for Legrand Telemedicine Health Centre


Mumbai, February 19, 2020: Legrand India, a part of the Legrand Group, and a specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure, has kickstarted its medical health centre for the people in Haridwar and Jalgaon. As part of its India CSR initiative, Legrand has collaborated with Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, to set up this telemedicine centre, which will aid in free super speciality tele-consulting for patients for whom specialist healthcare is difficult to reach.

A synergy between the best in medical and telecommunication technology, this CSR project is designed to be sustainable and scalable considering it can be replicated in other locations for Legrand. The facility will enable patients to connect with the doctors real-time through audio/video technology. Patients can diagnose and submit their health data such as  BP, blood test, X-Ray online, which will be remotely made available to the doctors sitting at Nanavati Hospital with the help of paramedical staff available at the Centre. Doctor and patient can then be connected real-time through audio-video. This technology also enables doctors to use a digital stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs; similar to a physical examination, and subsequently, prescribe relevant medicine.

Speaking on this occasion, Tony Berland, CEO and MD, Legrand India said, “Business Ecosystem, People and Environment are the three CSR focal areas at Legrand Group. In line with this objective, this CSR drive  is a strategically-driven project to support the health and wellbeing of the communities.” He further added, “As a part of our worldwide CSR effort, we are actively involved in providing telehealth facilities for remote communities in India. As a leading provider of connected products, it made complete sense to leverage this approach for helping the community and try to bridge the huge gap of healthcare accessibility in India. Over 10,000 people have availed of tele-consultations successfully at our centres. We would like to thank Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital for supporting this initiative as our Medical Consulting Partner and providing specialised doctors from their team for this centre.”

Manpreet Singh Sohal, Director and Chief Operating Officer, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital said, “In order to have continuous awareness and engagement of the marginalised community, so far 16 health camps have been organised and more than 2500 community members availed the primary consultancy. This effective intervention will continue in future as well. The number of tele-consultancies at TMC is increasing, and it has crossed the figure of 10,000 people, which is supporting our premise that there was an acute need of such specialized tele-consultancy intervention. We are proud of our association with Legrand.”

Legrand Group in India, as a conscious Corporate, is serving the community at large around its business locations and elsewhere, much before the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility got clad into the legal framework through the Company Act, 2013. A project under a CSR initiative was undertaken near our Jalgaon Plant to address health issues of the poor community in a unique way with the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. It helps to eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to quality medical services that would often not be consistently available. The Aarogee Telemedicine Centre was inaugurated on March 28, 2017. The Centre is equipped with all required equipment, accessories and conducive ambience keeping the visiting patient’s comfort. Patients from the nearby slums – both BPL and APL – who cannot afford costly healthcare services will be benefitted through this telemedicine centre by getting quality healthcare services from specialist doctors of Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, at virtually no cost. The first impact assessment and a medical audit was completed last year with a positive observation by a third party.

2016 – 17:

  • Total number of patients registered/consulted: 17
  • Total number of Health camp organised: 6
  • BPL Patients: 11.76 per cent

2017 – 18:

  • Total number of patients registered/consulted: 3464
  • Total number of Health camp organised: 6
  • BPL Patients: 76 per cent

2018 – 19:

  • Total number of patients registered/consulted: 3522
  • Total number of Health camp organised: 4
  • BPL Patients: 93 per cent