Luxor Nano Launched and Distributed Pen Spray to Frontline and Essential Service Warriors


New Delhi, December 2020: The fight against COVID-19 and the fundamentals of personal care etiquettes has always taught us the importance of washing hands to keep safe from the germs and viruses floating and sticking around on the hands. But if we talk of convenience, is it possible to wash hands every single time? In the wake of bringing convenience and safety to you, Luxor, a renowned name in India and one of the largest manufacturers of writing instruments is proud to announce a revolutionary product that is not only pocket-friendly but is a pocket-size protection on the go – ‘Luxor Nano’. This is an ethanol-based WHO formulation pen spray hand sanitiser that kills 99.99 per cent germs and viruses.

Looking at the need of the hour, Luxor, a company with brands of Luxor, Parker, Pilot and Waterman under its umbrella since 1963. came up with this innovative product with the prime motto of keeping everyone safe on the go. And as part of their strong CSR commitment, Luxor has actively started distributing the product amongst the frontline COVID warriors and vulnerable sections of the society. Till date, more than 700 products have been distributed amongst essential service personnel, especially to traffic police, civil defence staff, maids, drivers and many more. To reach out to the needy, the company has associated with several NGOs like Lotus Petal Foundation, Lakshyam NGO, Smileys India along with supporting local civilians and residents.

The product is a total value for money, each 30ml formulation lasts up to 300 sprays giving complete protection and comes with a refill too. These sanitisers are easy to be carried to the exam centre or to the school in a bag or in a stationary box easily. The pen also comes with an easy clip ability that lets the children and students hang it on the bag easily or hang it on their belt to carry it on the go. Currently, the product is available in two variants – Classic and Lemon Zest Fragrance to make you feel fresh every time you sanitise your hands.

Speaking at the launch of the product, Team Luxor says, “Innovative minds at Luxor have always strived to provide high-performance products and with the current crisis of COVID-19, the team stood together to come up with Luxor Nano Pen Spray Hand Sanitiser. Based on nanotechnology, this revolutionary product has made sanitising on the go even more convenient. The ethanol-based WHO formulation in the product kills 99.99 per cent germs and viruses.”