M2M Ferries and Jai Vakeel Foundation Create a Ferry Experience for Children with Intellectual Disabilities


Mumbai: M2M Ferries, Maharashtra’s largest RoPax ferry company, proudly hosted the incredible children of Jai Vakeel Foundation, the largest and oldest non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting children with intellectual disabilities. Together, they aim to create awareness and promote inclusivity while providing a special experience for the children of Jai Vakeel. The event was held on March 15, 2024, when children and teachers from the Jai Vakeel Foundation travelled on M2M Ferries on their way to a day picnic in Alibaug. M2M Ferries also handed over a financial contribution to support Jai Vakeel’s ongoing projects.

“At M2M Ferries, we believe in an inclusive society and were honoured to partner with Jai Vakeel Foundation to bring joy and happiness to these wonderful children,” said Devika Saigal, Founder of M2M Ferries.

The event was a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and cherished memories for all involved. As the children disembarked at the Ferry Wharf, they took back with them the warmth and happiness of an unforgettable experience, made possible by M2M Ferries and the Jai Vakeel Foundation.