Maxkleen’s Pleasant Surprise for the Everyday Heroes of Our Homes


Bangalore: As we head towards a time filled with celebration and joy, we often like to put our best foot forward and ensure that our homes are clean and festive-ready. Each festive season our homes are scrubbed, dusted, and disinfected minutely by our house helpers, the daily heroes of our lives who manage to make so many homes clean and beautiful. This festive season, to showcase our gratitude to these unsung heroes, we set out with the Maxkleen Safai campaign.

The Maxkleen Safai Campaign, a heartwarming initiative by Maxkleen, Wipro Consumer Care’s leading floor cleaning brand was organised in Hyderabad to deep clean homes of the daily house helps, making their homes festival-ready, before the occasion of Sankranti. Known as the festival of harvest, Sankranti (or Makara Sankranti as known in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana) is celebrated across the country and involves long preparations of sweets, deep cleaning, and decoration of our homes. During this time, people light bonfires with old and unwanted items, symbolising the discarding of the old to make way for the new.

For the ‘Safai campaign’ Maxkleen tied up with the NGO Ashray Akruti (which works to improve the lives of people with disability and the marginalised sections of society) and a cleaning services team. Ashray Akruti reached out to the house helps, identified their home cleaning needs and with the help of Maxkleen and the cleaning services team completed the cleaning of the house helpers’ homes using the revolutionary Maxkleen product which left a great fragrance and big smile on their faces. As they stepped into their clean, fresh, and fragrant homes, we witnessed their faces filled with tears, joy, and heartfelt gratitude. Maxkleen initiated this ‘Safai campaign’ using its innovative product – Maxkleen Power Squeeze which was launched recently. Maxkleen Power Squeeze is a category-first innovation where ‘one squeeze’ of the product (colloquially called as ‘one pichuk’) is enough for one bucket of water for cleaning the floors.

This initiative provided a happy reset for our ‘everyday heroes’ which helped them to embrace the spirit of Sankranti with their families. Ushasis Saha, GM, Business Development at Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, expressed, “We wanted to create a positive impact in the lives of these ‘unsung heroes’ who not only make our lives more comfortable but whose contributions are often overlooked. This Sankranti, through this small gesture, we wanted to bring the same sense of joy in their homes that they create in our homes every day. Using Maxkleen Power Squeeze, floor cleaning becomes convenient, affordable, and easy through its innovative ‘pichuk’ format. This allowed us to efficiently clean multiple homes, leaving a trail of smiles and fragrant sparkling floors and homes quickly and conveniently.”

Inspired by a simple yet powerful idea, the Maxkleen Safai initiative sought to go beyond routine tasks to create a wave of positive change. This journey also taught us that sometimes the smallest gestures can have the most profound impact turning a simple act of cleaning into a powerful reciprocation of gratitude.

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