Miracle Foundation India Taking Measures Across Child Care Institutes to Arrest Spread of COVID-19


Mumbai, March 20, 2020: With the world continuing to grapple with COVID-19, WHO and the Government of India have issued health and awareness advisories on hygiene practices as well as social distancing. With Corporates urging employees to work from home, schools and colleges shut down and students who stay in hostels to go back home, all measures for the safety and contamination of the virus is being taken. In this regard, Miracle Foundation India has taken measures across CCIs (Child Care Institutes) to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t spread and children and staff are kept safe.

Measures Taken:

  1. All CCIs have held awareness sessions repeatedly to guide children on hand washing and even the staff is supervising hand washing regularly.
  2. People entering CCIs such as trainers, coaching tutors, etc have been told to stop their visits in many CCIs in lieu of the social distancing clause. Those who do have to enter are supposed to wear a mask or cover their mouth and nose.
  3. At some of the CCIs, doctors have held detailed sessions on how to keep oneself safe and the measures for it as a part of medical monitoring visits.
  4. Since schools have been closed, several children are ready to go home to their families (parent/s, relatives). Before the child is being picked up from the CCI, a session with the family member is organised to create awareness on health and hygiene
  5. Hand wash kiosks have been installed near the entrance of the CCI.
  6. Besides this, thanks to one of the partners of Miracle Foundation India, a ‘Hand Hygiene Bell’ has been installed. Each time the bell rings (which is done frequently), all children and staff members are supposed to wash their hands.