MoneyGram Foundation Supports Experiential Learning Programmes in India


Mumbai, April 30, 2019: MoneyGram International, Inc., a global provider of innovative money transfer services, is excited an announce that the MoneyGram Foundation hosted an event to mark its fifth year supporting Agastya International Foundation and the presentation of a $60,000 Grant in support of the foundation’s mobile science lab programme. The Grant enables Agastya International Foundation to expand its mission by funding iMobile Labs, which are outfitted with computers, projectors, and internet dongles.

iMobile Labs visit over 130 under-resourced schools across Aligarh, Chandauli and Hazaribag; an accompanying STEM curriculum provides a rich, interactive learning environment. Two mobile labs, also sponsored by MoneyGram Foundation, loaded with hands-on science models and experiments, conduct visits in Mumbai and Darbhanga. The iMobile Labs and mobile labs are able to reach over 220 schools in India collectively.

Thousands of students have been introduced to the magic of science and continue to engage in enrichment activities with support from organisations like MoneyGram Foundation.

“We are delighted in the collaboration with Agastya International Foundation to deliver best-in-class educational programmes to some of the most remote schools in India,” said Joann Chatfield, MoneyGram’s Chief Marketing Officer. “This Grant demonstrates the Foundation’s efforts to improve education through innovation and to ensure every student stays competitive in today’s high-tech environment.”

“MoneyGram Foundation has been a long-term supporter and we at Agastya truly value and cherish the relationship. Their support has enabled us to take hands on experiential science learning to the most underserved locations benefiting a large number of children and bringing in the Aah!! Aha!! HaHa!! factor into learning,” said Ramji Raghavan, Chairman and Founder, Agastya International Foundation.

Since 2014, the MoneyGram Foundation has invested over $300,000 in programmes developed by Agastya International Foundation.