NGOs Raise a Whopping ₹23.48 Crore in the GiveIndia Fundraising Challenge 2022


Bangalore: India’s largest fundraising event in the nonprofit calendar got even bigger this year with 570 large and small NGOs collectively raising ₹23.48 Crore to fund their charitable programmes.

This year, the participating NGOs received the highest ever amount as matching rewards from GiveIndia. The event also saw a total of 17,600 supporters from around the world donating to various causes on the platform. 

The GiveIndia Fundraising Challenge (GFC) is a one-of-a-kind online event spread over the last two months of the financial year. Every year, it sees some of the most well-known Indian NGOs leverage the end-of-year tax saving made on donations to appeal to their donors and take part. 

Bengaluru-based nonprofit GiveIndia has been running this annual event for the last eight years to encourage NGOs to learn and adapt newer ways to raise funds and end the financial year on a high. #GFC2022 had several incentives in the form of ‘success slabs’ and ‘mega rewards’, which resulted in the highest NGO participation ever.

Apart from the matching rewards, GiveIndia assigns campaign managers to individual NGOs to handhold them through the event, help them with the skills to expand and engage with donor networks in India and abroad, best practices, appeal for donations on social media and through other forms of communication.

This year, #GFC2022 offered a rewarding structure for all the participating NGOs from the smallest to the biggest including weekly booster incentives to increase efforts and encourage consistent fundraising during the entire event.

#GFC2022’s top five NGOs were Team Everest, Deesha Education Foundation, Abhinav Samaj, Mahavir Foundation Trust and Jabala Action Research Organisation who got maximum contributions ranging from ₹74 Lakhs to ₹1.97 Crore.

Talking about the fundraising event, Sumit Tayal, COO, GiveIndia said, “GFC2022 has proved to be the biggest ever, and we are thankful for the enthusiastic participation of the NGOs and thousands of donors. We at GiveIndia are committed to supporting our NGOs in their fundraising efforts and bridging the gap between donors and trusted nonprofits. We will continue to build on this year’s success and make the Indian philanthropy ecosystem even bigger.” 

The importance of GFC for Indian nonprofits can be gauged from the fact that about 60 per cent of participating NGOs raise anything between 30-80 per cent of their yearly fundraising budget from GFC. Over the years, Bengaluru-based GiveIndia has been increasing the matching reward amount to the participating Indian NGOs to support their impact interventions.