Oakridge Students Call Upon Younger Generation to Take Up More Responsibility Towards Environment Sustainability

Khushi Valecha and Sadhika Alampally

Bengaluru, December 8, 2020: IBDP students, Sadhika Alampally and Khushi Valecha from Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, presented their talks at the recently concluded Environment Sustainability Society (ESS) Fest held virtually, which saw over 40 students taking part from across 16 countries. This global initiative is a step by few ESS facilitators across various schools globally to embark on an online programme to educate and create awareness towards the environment. The idea was to create a virtual platform to educate, empower and get the next generation ready with the right knowledge and attitude needed to tackle this growing global issue.

“United Nations in 2015 adopted 17 Sustainable Development goals as a universal call for action to end poverty, hunger and building sustainable communities around the world. It is an endeavour by the global community to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. This event is a big step in that direction,” says Nishtha Srivastava, ESS Facilitator at Oakridge Bengaluru.

Oakridger Sadhika chose to give a talk “Youth Leaders Must ACT for the Environment” under the SDG Quality Education and Khushi chose to alert the world by giving a “Warning of the Earth” under SDG Sustainable Consumption and Production.

“I got the opportunity to speak about my views on the SDG: Climate change, and what young people can do to work towards combating environmental issues,” says Sadhika. She urged the youth and young leaders to ACT: A – for Awareness by Self-Educating, C – for Communication by Advocacy, and T – for Transformation of Government Systems.

While Khushi, through her powerful speech, gave a warning of the Earth to every citizen to mend our ways, to stop overstocking our fridges, to stop indulging in fast fashion. She showed the path by giving a few ways like switching to natural remedies and to check the items before using them. She also spoke about how some commercial products, though good and effective, can be carcinogenic later in life if exposed.

Speaking on the occasion, Pallavi Mishra, Principal Oakridge Bengaluru said, “At Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, we offer students an education that goes beyond grades and prepare them to achieve more than they thought possible. Our vision is to create compassionate and future-ready individuals who can positively influence the world just like Sadhika and Khushi are doing.”