OPPO India and Mensa India Empowers Gifted Children from Underprivileged Backgrounds with Digital Literacy Tools


National: OPPO India has partnered with Mensa India, the national chapter of Mensa International, the world’s oldest and largest high-IQ society to contribute to their Project Dhruv initiative. Mensa’s Project Dhruv identifies gifted children from underprivileged families, to educate and nurture them so that they find the support they need to effectively contribute to their community and the nation. This collaboration demonstrates OPPO’s commitment to uplifting bright minds from marginalised communities and empowering them with the help of digital access to learning opportunities.

In line with its global vision of Youth Empowerment and Digital Inclusion, OPPO has contributed Digital Literacy tools that are aimed at helping children with no access to technology to develop the skills they need to interact and excel in an increasingly digital world. These tools will support the academics of first-generation learners of Project Dhruv as they pursue meaningful careers in Engineering, Design, Medicine, Government Service, Academica, Arts, etc. As part of the association, 45 OPPO Pads, stylus, and internet dongles were distributed to the students at a function held at Vidya School, Sector 24, Gurgaon.

Commenting on the initiative, Vivek Vasishtha, Vice President, Public Affairs, OPPO India, said, “Education plays a significant and remedial role in balancing the socio-economic fabric of the country. Digital literacy tools like the OPPO Pad are effective resources that help students as well as teachers to communicate, learn, and express themselves in the contemporary teaching-learning process. We are proud to support these gifted children as we reinforce our commitment to the Government of India’s vision of Digital India.” He further added, “Our digital literacy tools will be instrumental in realising innumerable possibilities for these children as they not only pursue their education but also responsibly contribute to the development of the nation.”

Speaking on the partnership, Kishore Asthana, Chairperson, Dhruv Foundation, and former President of Mensa India, said, “There are over six million underprivileged gifted children in India whose brilliance remains undiscovered and unutilised. They are India’s most precious resource and Project Dhruv wants to ensure that we can identify and help as many of them as possible so that they can maximise their potential and contribute to India’s future. Oppo’s valuable support for this nation-building project is truly appreciated. It will facilitate the education of Dhruv Scholars by providing much-needed devices to these bright children from underprivileged families.”